One Day.......

When I was three and I lived in  my old neghbor hood (this was before I even knew about the internet or had even met any of my friends like katie and amber) I was swinging on my swing set swinging with my friend peanut (her nickname i have given her) We were swinging and I saw this bug flying around, i didnt make nothing of it and then it landed on me and it didnt matter (i had picked up a spider, i wasnt afraid of it) when I got a sharp pain in my arm that made me surprised and I cried (what I was three) Peanut yells and brings me to my house and my mom has to give me some of my perscribed medicine (liquid version of zyrtec) and the pain went a way slightly but It swill hurt. The only reason i know it was a re wasp was cause I saw it when it came out of my swing set/

Dawn1105 Dawn1105
Feb 23, 2010