My First Wet *** Was At Church Summer Camp

I love reading everyone elses experiences and been awhile since I wrote about one of my mine. This one happened when I was 11 1/2, just a few months before my experience with the doctor started that I wrote about a while back. This one mabye won't be the most hot horny story, but it's gonna be real.

I had been playing with myself every since my first experiences back with neighbor boy when I was I was 9. I would hump my bed or my pillow and get the crazy wild dry *** feeling so good. But as I got older I really started doing it alot and got into it pretty heavy and the bed would really rock hard. One night my brother knocked on the wall and wanted to know what that noise was. So after that I started to rub it like Billy had shown me that first time. Even though I didnt like the feeling quite as much it was much easier to keep it quiet so my brother didnt hear me.

And it also made it eaier to to play with myself under the covers at summer camp. And with all those other boys around I had to do it alot. Every night.Usually more than once. Second year at camp since i had started doing that I was laying in my bed in a room full of other boys sleeping. I remember I had just been listening to a noise from across the room that sounded like some other boy had been doing the same thing I was doing, and I was thinking about the cute boy in the bed next to me when it happened. I felt something move down in my balls like it had never felt before and then i felt a huge feeling like I had to pee and then it just shot out. Was two seconds of the most intense feeling ever! But then I got scared. Even though I knew about *** I didnt think about that at the time and really thought I had jerked it too hard and broke it made it shoot blood. It was dark in the room and I remember being very nervious pulling my hand out to see what was on my hand. When looking down and saw it wasnt red I felt a little better, but still was thinking something was wrong. It was the next morning, when I was eating breakfast, that I suddenly realized that I had just made my first ***. And that only made me a more horny boy than i already was. And I never did anything with that boy in the next bed over, but I'll always remember him.
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went to band camp a lot during jr high and high school summers - always had lots of fantasy material all around, especially in the gang showers before bed - and by the number of boners I saw, it wasn't just me -

I remember friends going to band camp and I was always jealous of what and who they might see there :) I went to church camp every summer as a boy and know what you mean about good material. A lot of very stimulating things around :) It was even the place I first made *** when jacking off :) I just wish I had been more confident and had made attempts to do things with other boys or counselors

I remember feeling guilty after my first ***. I actually gave myself a deadline to quit by a certain date. I don't remember ever trying to quit and so much good that did anyways, I'm tugging on myself as I read through all of your stories.

nice first experience

It really was a memorable first wet *** experience, and I do remember it feeling so very extra good. I had played with myself a lot even before then but once I started shooting *** omg. After that I was doing it every chance I could.

My friend was the 1st one who made me wet ***. We had been looking at his dads girly mags when his parents were out and we both got hard. He said - lets **** there is no one in but us. I was very shy but he just got his **** out and started wanking. Come on he said - don't be shy I've seen u in the showers. I got my **** out (a bit reluctantly) and started to **** as he did. I saw him looking at me in a strange way and he said - why don't I **** you then you **** me. I was a bit scared but he just reached across and started doing it. I could feel myself starting to get the ******* feeling but this time it was different - more intense and in a short time I started to *** but this time its was wet. The feeling was incredible - never forgot it.

how did your friend react? did he *** as well?

I loved summer camp as well. the times and seeing other guys. so hot.

I wonder if the boy in the next bed had his first *** thinking of you. Probanly that same night. Great story, thanks.