My First ****** With ***********

I had heard different boys at school talking about ******* and stuff; but, really didn't understand what it was all about. One night while I was in the bathroom I suddenly out of nowhere developed a raging erection. I had touched myself many times before that; but, for some reason that night it really felt much different and ten times better. When I was cut at birth the doctor seemed to have left me some extra skin behind. I had and still have a full frenulum and would pull and stretch the skin up and most of the way over the glans.

This resulted in an even firmer erection and more enjoyable feelings. So like most 12 year olds I kept doing it. The glans swelled and throbbed and the shaft lengthened and stiffened and the fantastic feeling began to spread down to my scrotum then throughout the entire perineum and I began a fully fledged, fisted stroke up and down. I guess it caused me to speed up and I stood up in front of the bathroom mirror looking at my throbbing **** while I jerked it faster and faster.

The feeling began to spread all around my lower body when I began to feel what felt like electrical wiring starting in my lower back and radiating all the way through me to my little **** and balls and suddenly an overwhelming contraction hit me and my **** felt as if I was about to pee all over the bathroom. I just barely made it over in front of the toilet bowl when the contractions almost knocked me to my knees and white cream began spurting out of my ****. I aimed and got most of it into the toilet missing a few drops that I wiped up and had my very first ****** and ***********. I was so amazed and felt so wonderful. Still, I really didn't know exactly what I had done.

I was and am an only child and would occasionally be at home alone prior to my parents getting home from work. After my first ************ experience I began snooping around my parent's bedroom and located an old copy of Masters & Johnsons sex education books for married couples. I would sneak into their bedroom and sit for as long as I could reading everything that I could from that book. Of course, back then when the book was written ************ was mentioned but frowned upon as an unclean act. This and my Dad hurrying me up in the bathroom during some of my sessions lead to a deep feeling of guilt. I remember promising myself that I would never ever do it again... until the very next day! My erections started happening more and more frequently and my pubic hair was growing in at a very fast rate.

That is my confession of how and when I began ************. Because of this I never experienced a "Wet Dream" as many boys did.
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Wet dreams? Are you kidding? As soon as I discovered that my "dry ones" became "WET ones",I simply couldn't leave my **** alone! EVERY night before sleep and at least every OTHER before school! There was NEVER any build-up in MY little balls!

Hehe I was like you, playing with myself even before they were wet and then never stopping. So I didnt have many wet dreams, but the ones I did have sure were wild fun pleasurable experiences like nothing I had ever felt as a horny little boy. I still remember that feeling, waking up during the first wet dream just as *********** began. They felt so good I remember some nights going to sleep without ************ but thinking horny thoughts hoping to make them happen. Sometimes it worked! lol

Love to see that hot hung **** of yours. Stud!

yeah, i can only remember three wet dreams because i was always jacking off(and i remember everything) first time there was oil in the shower and i rubbed it on myself --instant hard---had to go out but later i tried again and stroked it with both hands--suddenly i felt a pleasureable dizziness and all this fluid came out of my ****...that was in 1975---and i still come about 13-17 squirts...

Sounds like you have very impressive ******* and amounts of *** that you produce. After I had learned about ************ I became addicted to the pleasure and will always enjoy my own "self love".

I can't recall when I first began to enjoy ************, but I do remember when I woke up from a wet dream and thought that I had wet my bed. Then, there were mornings when I awoke with dried ***** on my pajamas and I always felt guilty. I used to wish that I had an older brother to ask questions about my changing body while going through puberty.<br />
<br />
Even to this day, if I skip a few days of relieving myself, I will have some extent of a wet dream during the night.

To this day, I have never had the fun experience of a wet dream. I often would awaken and still do with an erection and possibly pre-*** oozing; but, never a full blown *********** while sleeping. I figured it was always because I relieved the buildup prior to the eruption.

They've always sounded enjoyable to me; but, what do I know?

As I stated, I can only imagine. All of my "self loving" experiences have been fantastic and I wouldn't trade them for much of anything other than the experiences that I now have with a very loving, hot, and sweet partner.