I got suspended out of school when i was like 14. It wasn't actually anything bad though- strict catholic high school. I answered back to a teacher. Like nobody ever did. I remember she kept asking me to read something to the class- she knew i didn't like reading out loud- my face would go all red and i hated everyone in that class, so i wasn't gonna make a fool out of myself. I ignored her and said i wouldn't read. After badgering me for minutes she moved on, she asked me again a bit later but she got the same response.
In the last month before i got suspended i'd be non-stop talking to the one person i liked in that class, on my phone all the time, and asking to go to the toilet all the time (which i knew she hated) just so i could go for a wonder....
So. This day i asked to go to the toilet again and she said no. So i said i was gonna go whether she said i could or not. So she said no. So i got up and she walked to the tables to block my entrance and told me to sit down. I told her to move and i'm going. She kept talking and everyone in the class stared and laughed and were in shock someone actually was doing this- i mean, nobody ever did anything bad in that school- it wasn't even bad!
So then this fat ***** i hated imitated my laugh so i pretended to laugh again and told her to shut up. Everyone in the class went 'oooo' cause this fat girl was like known for fighting everyone and slagging around out of school. She shut up though. Then i pushed past the teacher and she let me go- finally! after threatening she'd tell the head of year.... the fat girl then decided to put her chair in the way so i couldn't get out. I told her to move and pushed the door so the chair budged. She shifted it after a guy in the class told her to move. I went and came back 10 minutes later.
She told me to stay behind, but i ignored her. Later in the halls everyone looked at me. I got sent to the deputy and he was asking me what i was doing- all years since the beginning he'd been talking to me and i had been sent to his office cause of my 'behavior' - i said i came on my period and i wasn't gonna stand there. So i was then put on a thing were you had all your classes alone. Days later i was sent to the headteacher who was a strict *****! She kept asking me questions and i ignored her, she screamed sooo loud. Then they said i was suspended for a few days...
When i came back, i overheard someone say the teacher discussed what had happened with her class. I told my mum and she said cause she mentioned my name, it was a breach of confidentiality. So on parent's evening- my mum had a massive go at the teacher- her face was hilarious! then my mum goes to the deputy's office and tells him. Basically- the suspension wasn't counted in my record cause the teacher did something wrong. And the next week she wasn't in for like a week. Ha!
I actually liked getting into trouble at school, it was sooo funny!
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I guess it's because u are a free spirit =) We don't like any boundaries set by rules. Rules are for fools! =P

i agree! I hate following rules !! BE who you wanna be :)

can u keep secrets?

yeah ! haha why ?

I don't pay the bus fare =P When I'm in, I go in the back, and act like I already paid =D But don't tell no 1, ok? 'cause no 1 knows about this, except for 1 of my real life friends.

aaah. I see. How do you get on the bus without him seeing you!?

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