I Am So Ordinary, I Hardly Know What To Say

Thank you Sharossody for tagging me (I think). No, seriously, thank you; though I must admit, I am so ordinary I don't know what to say that would possibly be of interest to any one. Oh well, here goes!

1.  I spend much of  my free time in waiting rooms and if I am on EP I do it on my iPhone.  When I have to go to ER, the staff greet me by name and ask me how I've been.

2.  I have trained my pet Alexandrine parrot to kiss me.  When I say, "Kiss Barb!" he makes the kiss sound.

3.  I love the really hot weather.  At 32C I stop feeling cold.  At 40C I am in heaven.

4.  My favourite TV show from the 80s is, "The Equalizer".  I was thrilled to death to see this series released on DVD recently and I have been watching episodes every day for the past week.

5.  My favourite afternoon snack is hot chocolate with two marshmallows, no matter what the temperature or the weather.

Thank you for reading this far.  I now tag:

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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Barb, that wasn't hard now was it??....lol... enjoyed each and everyone, your sense of humour shone through... especially the ER one.... you must be in heaven at present with this hot weather we are having... I for one, I HATE it. ... I can understand your parrot too....... hugs S.

You are too kind. Yes, I am in heaven with the hot weather, but would willingly suffer it cold and wet to bring an end to the fires.