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mio pensiero a te... yes every thought... <br />
<br />
The description of a moment<br />
The description of a moment<br />
the beliefs that are changing<br />
and the fortress of my crash on you collapses<br />
though you are no more alone beacause you can't be alone<br />
and you believe that sharing a life is normal<br />
but my memory slides<br />
I clearly remember the transmission of thoughts<br />
and the sensation that in a moment<br />
anything the two of us were thinking could happen.<br />
And then, what's happened<br />
wait for me or forget me<br />
we see each other now<br />
almost five years after<br />
and as always you are the description of a moment for me<br />
and as always you are a strongest feeling<br />
and as always you are beautiful.<br />
I was told of your journeys<br />
I was told that you don't feel good<br />
that you got mad<br />
but I know that you're alright<br />
you ask me to leave now<br />
because the numbers and the future don't worry you<br />
I would like I could believe you<br />
it would be much easier<br />
meet again in our thoughts<br />
lying as if we were<br />
still hanging in the moment when it could happen.<br />
And then, what happened<br />
wait for me or forget me<br />
we'll see each other soon<br />
in at least five years time<br />
and as always you are the description of a moment for me<br />
and as always you are a strongest emotion<br />
and as always you are beautiful because<br />
as always you are the description of a moment.<br />
<br />
X<br />
<br />
<br />
mio pensiero a te... <br />
e come sempre sei la descrizione di un attimo per me<br />
e come sempre sei un'emozione fortissima<br />
e come sempre sei bellissima perch<br />
come sempre sei la descrizione di un attimo.

soon as the grrr comes out it is official that i win. Woot!


you really do need a win... but you have to earn it i cant just hand it over.

i still win

I know i am great and it is hard to handle, but dont worry!

Jealous? NEVER

Dont be jealous because i am good like that.

nope u didn't

Won a long time ago.

no, i actually won. u left hahaha<br />
<br />
just cuz ur back doesnt mean u win

haha loser

psshhh i win

I ell asleep on the ferrett... i think that counts as a victory.

i so did. cuz i'm here and arorin is not.<br />
<br />
victory is mine!!!

who won?

lol wooot

LOL yall.

i win

lol omg

Maybe when i stop sitting on you. Till then you are trapped under my bum.

i will just have to hug u


STOP IT! <br />
<br />
quit putting urself down like that!

Well if i am eating pineapple i wont be talking will i. O well least your ears are saved from my voice.

i'll get u when u least expect it...and again i will force feed u a pineapple

I am 248 pounds. You wont ever get up again until i let you up.. I win.

-_- i will sit on u as well and force feed u a pineapple.. haha i win

i will sit on you.

you wouldn't!!!<br />
<br />
well i will jump down when u climb up and hit u with a big pineapple....cuz i kno how much u looooove pineapples :p

I can climb them too, plus i have rocks.

will not.<br />
<br />
u have to catch me first...i might have asthma but i can climb trees hahaha

will so

oh no u wouldnt<br />
<br />

ill flick you.

oh yes, but it is important<br />
<br />
lol cuz i said so

I think I mentioned once I was after your funny bone *hint* *hint*<br />
<br />

It isn't that important.

LOL we have some good times MT. I adore you dude.<br />
<br />
Yep LF you got it.

No not at you FG..... Never at you.... With you....... Always with you.......

LMFAO thanks...cuz pineapple juice is the solution to everything lol<br />
<br />
and i am determined to now talk to u arorin.... its gonna happen

Lol Mun... do you? I would love to talk to you too. Are you giving me hints?<br />
<br />
Iza, LOL that feeling is mutual.<br />
<br />
LF, Pineapple juice should help lol.<br />
<br />
Ar, I do and you are going to talk to me.

who knows.

Ah...what always talk to fungirl...but....ahhh....she doesn't know it?

psshhh u won't have any bad reviews from me.<br />
<br />
i can promise u that

Ive had bad reviews.

me too! :)

I want to hear it Ar.

You never know.

i wouldn't pick on ur voice

That is better then what i was told i sound like... Everyone picks on my voice.

lol awww ur making me blush haha<br />
<br />
i realized that on the phone, i sound like a 10 yr old :|

At me mt?<br />
<br />
LF, yes I did. You have a beautiful voice and an adorable laugh.

I laugh all the time....

LMFAO actually you are very funny. did u not hear me laughing 80% of the time we talked?<br />
<br />
i don't usually laugh that much lol