I'm An Idiot

I met a man on Myspace who I started chatting with on Yahoomessager. We continued for about 4 or 5 months until he told me that he was in trouble. He said that he was a camera man and that he was stuck in Africa on a assignment and couldn't come back because he didn't have the money. There is more details, but basically that was the story. He made me believe that he was from the states and that he was feeling scared of being where he was. He sent me pics of himself, but of course they were not. He told me that he was falling in love with me, even though I didn't really care for it. I just wanted him to be safe. He asked me for money, and like the dumb *** that I am, I sent it to him. I sent him $500. Yep! I did! About another 6 months later, he is still there and we are still chatting. After I had sent him the money, I started to pay close attention and I started to notice little things like his typing. I knew after that, that he was not who he said he was. I just kept along with it. Until one day I just got tired of the games and I just came out and told him that I knew he was a phony. He denied it at first. But then he admit to it. He told me he was sorry for what he had done. He told me he had done it because in their country, they are very poor and he had bought things for schooling and his family. Whether I believe him or not I guess it doesn't really matter. The money is gone, to where, I don't really know. I guess that when you do good deeds, it never means that good things will happen to you! :(

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2 Responses Apr 21, 2010

Hi there. I posted my scam story today. Mine was far worse. I lost over $30 000. Can you believe it? I would never have believed that I could do that, but it was $500 here and there over a long period. Still having a hard time feeling stoopid! I'm glad you picked it up after the first $500.

First, a hug. Then a much bigger one.<br />
You don't have to feel like a victim, I think you acted with your heart. Those con artists do more damages stealing people's confidence in human beings than stealing money. Think of it as an insurance that you won't fall for the same trick twice.

Thank you, KnottyG. I posted my scam story today and I like your response to this one. Helpful and kind:)

Thanks for sharing your comment and story. Glad you liked what I wrote about the insurance against future scammers. :-)