The Devils Child

I would never want to go back to being a child. I gave the Exorcist a run for its money!! I was born in an earthquake. My mom said they were using back- up generators to see and there was so much chaos, she was scared to death. I was born the normal way, screaming bloody murder. I was ANGRY - Little did any one know that I would be that way up till I hit my teens. I threw tantrums every day; sometimes three times a day. I would bang my head on the floor while screaming. I would hold my breath until I'd turn blue. I'd sit in front of the bedroom mirror and watch my tonsils dance while I yelled, or make the ugliest faces I could think of. I was mean too. I bit the boy next door and drew blood. My first major lesson from my mom - she bit me back (she didn't draw blood) and it really hurt!! I was the instigator when I got older. Every kid on the block followed me as we broke the front window of the Burbs' (fictional name) house. I was the leader when all the kids ran away when Kay fell out of the tree and broke her arm. I was the one who tore the toilet paper out of Rachelles bra when we got into a fight - so that everyone knew she was REALLY FLAT!!! My brother disowned me, he really did think I was fathered by the Devil. My mom stuck by me, but did the creative punishments. My dad stayed as late as he could at his job - I think to keep away from me. Then I became eleven. We moved and I met the boy next door. I really, really changed. I was IN LOVE....and will you know the rest.....
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1 Response Aug 7, 2007

This was hysterical! Gives me some hope for my own demon child who's only 3! lol. ( The hope he will tone it down as you did.). The good side is, kids can't get away with anything around you, cause you've already been there, done that! :)