I met my married man at work several years ago. We were the best of friends for a long time and it turned into a lot more over the last year. We just ended the relationship. The emotional affair lasted about 6 months and the physical 4 months. I am devastated and hurting because of course I loved him. I knew that he would never leave his wife, and I knew that from the beginning.

Recently a family member found out and he chose to end it for his kids. I totally agree, and I actually wanted that so I could move on with my life. I am in the process of grieving and figuring out how to deal with work. I am looking for love and support to continue to be the ex other woman. I never want to go back ever.
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I am just going to give you a little advise, out of sight, out of mind!!!!

I don't know about the "out of mind" part. I can't stop thinking about him, even though we broke up, and haven't send or spoken to each other in 5 months. I do agree that it's better to not be in contact.

I am in your same situation...an affair for abt half a yr with colleague....he ended the affair with me two months ago bcos he claimed he couldn't give me anything....I was devastated but I eventually moved on.... although soon after he asked for me back...but I eventually told him I was not going to be the other woman in the dark anymore...<br />
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And then one fine day...abt one mth ago he told me he has decided to divorce his wife...he can't stay with his wife anymore....I was scared...he asked me to trust him again....i was scared he would lie to me again just like the way he did when he said he wouldn't leave me but eventually did.... i was scared he couldn't do it...he assured me he could tat day at all cost...just tat i had to give him around 2 mths to settle everything with his wife....<br />
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In the end I went back again....was totally grieving for the two mths....waited and waited without any assurance while he did everything his wife wanted so as to ensure she would allow him to see his daughter...but in the end....just yesterday....he called me and said he had moved back to his parents' place.... but everyone insisted he leave me and go back to his wife....he said he didn't wanna hurt anybody plus his wife wouldn't let go and wouldn't let him see his daughter after all...and he had to give up on me again...I didn't give him any reply<br />
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So here I am....I was devastated....contemplating to end my life tat day...my fren told me I was the one responsible for all this....and that i am a bad person who have nv thought abt his wife and kid....but soon after my fren reconciled with me bcos he was really caring abt me only....tat was when I decided I should go on with my life....bcos all was not lost....if my fren hadn't reconciled with me I would hav chosen the very wrong path....bcos it seemed that there was no turning back and I had lost everything....even the man responsible for all this just gave up on me....and my frens.... i saw no hope<br />
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but now i want to get on with my life....although i am still very scared and unsure....but i really want to get on