I Did It...

I ended it. I didn't hear from him for several days, then he calls me yesterday as if nothing is wrong. I just realized that for 15 months, this has been entirely on HIS TERMS and that's not acceptable to me anymore. With Christmas and New Years coming, who will he be with...his wife. That's how it should be. But where will I be?? Sitting here alone, crying. That's not how it should be for ME! When did I stop being so important???

I've got 2 weeks away from him before I go back to work, and I intend to wrap my head around the fact that I am better off alone than with only a PORTION of a man. I want the whole man.

Sound pretty strong, huh? Don't let the words fool you - it's what I feel BUT...I am a mess.
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9 Responses Dec 21, 2011

Please tell me you didn't know he was married when this started. He is a married, cheating pig. Why would you ever want to be with that? You need to learn to love yourself. If you fully did you would have never been with him.

Don't feel that way...I was in the same boat that you were in and I just ended it today after 5 1/2 months. I feel such a weight lifted off my shoulders. I do not care about being single at this point; I would rather be single and stress-free than to continue a facade with someone that you ultimately know will never be yours.

i hope to soon be on the same track as you, stay strong

You go girl :)

How do you become the other woman? Dud you not know? I'm not judging just curious because I'm the wife and Lord it hurts to be in that seat when your part of a triangle and don't know it.

you are so strong... wish i could do the same... tc

I've been reading stories like this but am speechless. I can feel the pain. And I can feel the pain of the woman cheated on. I've been both. I wish I could reach the place you're at but I know the pain is going to be horrendous so I'm putting it off. Hang in there. All your strength--as difficult as it is--will pay off.

I am so sorry for your heartache. Sometimes love works out and sometimes it just hurts like hell.<br />
I was also involved with a married man...my story is different , bec i also am married.<br />
We were involved for two years...trying to end it many times, only to somehow reconnect.<br />
I love the OM, but i love my husband too and have loved my husband longer and have a full life with my husband. The OM does not how he feels about his marriage...but we both knew we couldn't go on seeing each other. So not it's over for good. But it is a hearbreaking thing. I really appreciated what TheRiteThing wrote...there is a way out and with time with no contact, feelings will fade and not be so painful. Stay strong, stay away from him and best of luck

you should have a man that truly loves you .....not someone elses leftovers ...I will pray that you will find someone ....Peace L