I Am The Other Woman..

We been in and out for the past 4 years.. Only for the past year it actually felt like relationship, BUT he has 2 year old son and he still lives in the same house with his wife althogh they cant stand each other..
He is so scared she will take the kid away if she finds out about me or if he will ask for devorce.. She has done it once and this is when he promised himself and his kid that this will never happen again..
He told me about this today!! Now i know for sure he will never leave her..
My love was so much bigger than me and my pride that i let myself to be treated like ****.. Seeing each other once or twice a week..
He says he loves me more than anything in this world and that his heart belongs to me..I know that!! But Who cares if i cant have him?? I feel like the end of the world and theres no living without him.. but i know it can not continue this way..
..Absolutelly Broken..
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I too found myself in love with a married man. I have waited for this man for about 16 years. I fell so much in love with him and knew that he did the same for me. It all started as a dare, I never thought that I would go through with it. In fact the first night I chickened out but then met up with him again a couple nights later. It was a NO STRINGS ATTACHED thing for about two years but then feelings got in the way. He told me his marriage was just for show for his daughter because he promised her that he would not leave (just like your guy). Well after 16 years he called me up one day (as a private # because he knew I wouldn't answer) and in a voice message told me that he confessed to his wife what we were doing and that he was going to stay and work it out with her. He didn't want me to call him or contact him in any way. He didn't even say good-bye. That happened two months ago and I am still heart broken. Today I texted him and told him that I missed him and of course NO RESPONSE. I hate that I did that.