How Do You Get Closure And Walk Away For Good?

My recent relationship just came to a screeching end last week. All he did was lie to me and I made him tell his wife last week.

I don't know how to get over this. How do you move on and not contact him anymore?
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7 Responses Oct 2, 2012

drop the feeling of power over the othr woman and do the right thing. Have some morals. Guy is a **** head and so are you if you continue. there is more to their relationship than you can see and you are foing the world a disservice continuing , or considering not to end this thing right away.

Well, Im glad you saw what was really going on and decided to put an end to it.
Married men who cheat...are not good men. I dont knw why you would expect him not to lie, when hes lying to the woman he took his vows with..promised to be true and faithful to her.....THAT SHOULD BE THE EYE OPENER FOR ANY WOMAN !!!
As for your heartache, you earned knew he was a cheater and liar the minute you started with him....I dont know how any sensible woman can expect a happy ending with a coward!

What I do is remind myself each time I get an urge to text or say something angry of what he did. Never let anyone take ur composer

Oh I've been in a similar situation. I changed my number and email accounts. This was the first step to letting go for me :)

It takes courage, and a lot of patience to wait for Mr. Right. Im kinda waiting for Mr right, im 30 now so I hope he'll come soon.

okay so my mom was 35 when she found Mr. Right and they have been together for 7 yrs i am completely sure you will find him.

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Hence, the million dollar question. I know just how you're feeling and just where you're at. The saying it ain't over til it's over is very true. I was involved with an attached man for about 5 years, the whole time compromising my morals and beliefs of right and wrong. The thing is you are the 'other' woman, or 2nd. Until you get fed up being 2nd and realizing your true place in his life, regardless of what he says, you will struggle and continue accepting 2nd best. It's so difficult because my guy tried really hard to keep me in place. I just got fed up, and dismissed what he kept feeding me in favor of reality and the half-a$$Ed treatment. I FINALLY set my mind that I deserve a man's best, to be first. It's a process and not a pleasant one. Good luck! And yes Prayer!!