If You Ever Read This I Hope You Feel The Same,the Way I Did That Day I Died In Your Eyes

I think what upsets me the most is how much of myself I've lost due to this whole affair.
I'm honestly not the kind of girl or wasn't the type of girl to go around after guys that already had Gf's.. I will never understand how a guy could take for grantage what he had and chase the newest thing,I don't respect that and so when I met this guy and knew he had a Gf I showed a certain reluctance but I was friendly and if he'd been single I would have loved him to be mine..
But as I knew it wouldn't happen I found this other guy and we really fell for each other we were in a happy relationship,all this time I kept in contact with the guy in a relationship he clearly wanted me even though he had a Gf, I was shocked and it annoyed me, why he stayed with her when he's saying this to me.
A few months into my relationship that was it the last straw he'd had it he couldn't bare my being with my bf so he said he loved me (in a bit more depth than that^) and even I'd confess that I loved him the minute I saw him but all this time I managed to not give in temptation but he really let it all out he said if I dump my new bf he will dump his Gf and we will go out the idea thrilled me but at the same time I new it was wrong I had to make a choice and either way someone would get hurt.

He didn't give me much choice he made me pick it was either me or him and if I didn't pick him that was it he'd be gone

It's true when they say love is blind because any other person would see the whole ideas crazy and Now I have to deal with the consiquences

I dumped the guy I was seeing and yes that sounds harsh but apparently he moved on swiftly and so maybe he really was just part of the pieces

The first month was great but he didn't ask me for a relationship like he said but it didn't bother me we were together be have me all his attention everything was perfect if I mention his ex he'd say he never saw her

But nothing lasts forever

A few days or so after going to a party my friend mentioned seeing him with his ex

There was a lack of communication between us and as time past the story unraveled

I had been the girl on the side he'd never broken up with his Gf he'd had a lol time away from her but now they're back together happy

You can't change what you choose and I will forever regret what I chose to do,I feel completely broken and he knows it

I asked him why he got me to break up with his Gf why he told me he loved me, he replied 'I was getting you out of a rubbish relationship and you quite clearly liked me'

A lot of arguments,confusion and general lack of knowing had torn us apart like a brick wall and neither of us can break it

When I look at him now I'm speechless cause he's got me to the point of breaking if I'm not already there

After long nights where he made me his own and now I curse the day I met him

After a few months of no real contact I ran into him in town with his Gf

I was invisible and I will forever be that
Violet150 Violet150
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013