Fell In Love With The Devil.

Well, everyone has probably gone through this at some point in there life; but I never thought it would happen to me. I started seeing this guy which started out pretty great, our relationship lasted 11months almost 1year. I say devil because....well you'll see. We were not really dating, but we had a sexual relationship, plus he told me he was "SINGLE" but had kids. I mean I was fine with that, now a days who doesn't have kids. Well months past & things were great even the SEX.. but he was very controlling & I couldn't do certain things at all! I would always see a car at his house "mind you he has several roommates, because hes stationed where I live" so I asked him why is that GIRL sometimes at your house, well he tells me that its his roommates "FRIEND" I said ok fine... well let me skip the whole garbage.. well when I would ask him about this girl he would get ANGRY & tell me why am I asking.. shes not important THEIR JUST FRIENDs.. me stupid listened & never brought it up.. well anywho.. 11months later I get a call while im getting a tattoo saying that THIS GIRL found out about me & HIM... turns out the man I fell for lived 3 separate LIVES! I was the "OTHER GIRL" as well as the girl in the car. He played me & her, he was engaged back home all along to another girl. When the other girl confronted him he told her he NEVER MET the whole game acting like he didn't know me, when he said the same thing about her to me... he never contacted me & told me sorry since the day I found out I haven't spoken to him since then... I feel so hurt because I LOVED him.. but he played us all :( I still see him @ work, & Idk what to do..
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So what did you learn from that expirience

:). What state r u located in Blue?



No offense but you need to quit picking the wrong guys. Maybe you need a sugar dad......:)

Yeah I know!!! I guess I do huh (:

Wow just saw this....I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier...how's things working out for you

So far so good, im married now & currently living in California, my husband is in the military. . Thnks 4 asking... as for the devil he no longer exists 2 me (:

i feel humiliated cause he took me to meet his and friends and parents knowing he was w her wtf ? now it makes sense why they didnt like me lol i was the girl
what a jerk! i hate this.

Omg!!! How crazy is that!!! That's horrible... The girl knew the entire time dsmn!! Mine kept it a secret & she never knew. Guys can be such douchebags.. (not all)

omg your story sound similiar to mind .
i dated this guy for a couples months and we got so close well atleast i i thought we were.i thought he was the one and i was so happy and i also got a phone call from this girls saying that she been wanting to talk to me that shes been with him for 2years and that she loves him that she know we had sex and she just starting bring up stuff we did or went to. i was so hurt and
as u he didnt apologize either n i work w his B*tch *** so it so awkward cause my mum works there too i feel like mess im looking for a new job . i feel so sad about the whole thing i really wanted this to work.all the things i thought ment something just gone just like that i dont know how to deal ww my anger and sorrow

You must be a special woman to be friends with her. How did that come about?

Well we already knew each other... After all this madness happened we talked it over & I told her I never knew you were with him, he said he was only your friend, and so on so forth. I told her I was over him(which I'm not) and that he doesn't even exist to me, we made amends, but its awkward

What bothers me is that he doesn't even try & talk to me.... Didn't even apologize for what he did... The other girl in the car is still with him.. Funny thing is her & I are friends now but she never mentions him around me..

Sorry to hear about that Sparkle. That's why you need an older guy......they are honest about things.

He was older than me 34 :(

I don't know about you, but what always helps me feel better is to listen to some music to my taste and watch some comedy too. Laughing away the days troubles really can help.

And chocolate <3, it always helps...for me atleast.

Whoa... Six years. NO SEX. Become a nun why don't you. Look; I will apologies for my gender because there are some really disgusting men out there but he is not the norm. It sounds like your instincts where right from the beginning and you asked the right questions but accepted any answers.

Just my two cents as a "Man" so take it for what it is worth but he not worth you continued emotions. If he ignores you, then ignore him... yeah it's not easy but it's really you best weapon. Going all "crazed" on him leads to more trouble and moving on is probably the best way to deal. Hell get yourself a boy toy and one day walk him to work on leash so that he can see that you have gotten over him quickly and he will probably talk to you again.

Lastly, don't ever let a man tell you anything. Trust me we will when we can, that inner voice that says "He full of Sh*t!" is worth listening to and though you don't have to go all 007 on him you can just note it in the back of your mind and take more notice till you are proven right about your feelings.

Move on and count yourself luckily. I had girl friend of mine who best friend was buying her wedding dress when she found out that her man was not only married but had 7 kids with 5 different woman and nothing he said was remotely true.

your exactly right! its just that it makes me soooo mad.!! why did he choose the other girl rather than me.. im WAY younger than the other girl & prettier :( it just hurts 11 months that I was with him, I grew feelings for him. its weird though because WHEN he sees me pass he looks at my car till he cant see it anymore, kinda creepy... & gives me this mean ugly look ... but your right.. I wont EVER let a man tell me what to do.. hell I couldn't even wear certain shirts passing the checkpoint where he worked because he would get mad, or text me saying he saw what I was wearing.. ill take your advice.. ill leave his truck alone... FOR NOW! lol

I Don't trust no Men- They all love to play games, be carefully who you meet. You never may know who ur getting involved with.

I know tell me about it! sad thing is he still seeing the girl in the "CAR" & completely ignores me... heaven knows who he has back home... && I think Im gonna spray paint his truck.... ive learned my lesson!

What a Jerk...You should say something. What if he does samething to someone else? Take a pic and put posters cheater! don't date him this guy. Lol. Let this be a learning experience- Men only want sex now this days. To get to know a guy 6-1 yr no sex. Then after the 6 months take it easy, don't rush.