Such a Mistake!

It all started innocently enough. I had just gotten hired as kitchen help for a local pizza parlor after enduring several long months of unemployment, paired with a failing year-long engagement.  My assistant manager (who, for all extensive purposes of this story, will be called "C") was nothing extraordinary to look at, and it was clear that he was in a serious relationship with a woman who had mothered at least one of his three children (he was significantly older than me; I was hardly 18, he was 30).  He was a flirt, as most of the men in the kitchen were, but his actions were nothing out of the ordinary in comparison.

One night, after we finished closing up the store, he pulled me aside and asked if I was okay.  He said I wasn't myself lately, and wondered if there was anything he could do to help;  "He was there to listen if I ever wanted to talk."  As I stated before, my engagement was at the end of its rope, and my fiance was beginning to become verbally abusive, and, on very rare occasions, he was physically abusive, as well.  His favorite phrase became, "I'll put you through a wall..." and I was afraid that, one day, he would.  "C" and I went to his truck (it was cold outside that night) and I unloaded my entire sob story unto him.  Then, without warning, he grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his and kissed me, stopping me mid-sentence.  He pulled away and apologized.  I wasn't sure how to react.  Part of me was thrilled.  Here was a guy who was willing to actually listen to me, and a man who I had really perceived to be a mature man.  And, after a few seconds of contemplation, I decided to leave my fiance once and for all, alleviating any sense of guilt that ensued.

A week or so passed before I worked up the guts to actually leave my fiance, but he took it well.  "C" advised that I could stay at his mother's abandoned house a few minutes down the road from work, as she had moved to Florida, while maintaining ownership of her old home here.  After our late-night work shifts, "C" and I would lose many hours at the empty house, heating the rooms with that of our own bodies.  On one of these lustrous nights, he looked me in the eyes and promised me that we would soon be able to be together permanently (he was still going home to his family after all was said and done).

Within a few weeks time, his promise was fulfilled.

We moved in together -- finally we had furniture to make love on, rather than breaking our backs on the hardwood floors.  During this time, I was a full-time student at a technical college out-of-state, and was gone most of the daylight hours.  I trusted that he was home, playing video games or doing some other "manly" things.  And, oh, "manly" things he was doing! ...

It didn't take long for the honeymoon period to wear off.  I began coming home to a disastrous mess, which fell on my shoulders to clean up in between making supper and getting ready for my shift at the pizza parlor.  As he put it, "cooking and cleaning was the woman's job."  After sacrificing my engagement for this man, I intended to do whatever I could to keep him happy.  Little did I know (though I soon came to find out after one of my classes let out early one afternoon...), he had never actually left his prior girlfriend, but rather simply moved in with me, so that he could continue to pursue us both.  And, as it would seem, this girl of his was as desperate to do whatever she had to just to have what he would allow, even if it meant sharing.

Enraged and betrayed, I left him and ended up moving back in with my ex-fiance, though I remained single.  A few months went by before I was able to face him again to get my things from the house.  When I went back there, though, I went to the bedroom to collect my belongings, where he pushed me onto the bed and began kissing me and feeling me up!  He even went so far as to tell me that he wanted me to move back in and that, since I had quit my job at the pizza parlor (I couldn't stand to work with him after the humiliation), we could "work something out" as far as rent payments went!  I pushed him off of me and left.  I never went back by myself.  I just couldn't believe that after all he had put me through, he proposed a form of prostitution to get me back. Maybe it was just my 18-year old naivety, but this man was absolutely sickening, and I even avoided his street for months after that.  Never again will become emotionally invested in a man with another woman, no matter what he says!
Euphoryana Euphoryana
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013