I Just Can't Help

Im 22 years old, i know im too young for this. I met a guy during one of my travel, he sat beside me and we had a chitchat. He is 33 years old and got a very stable job. At first i was annoyed because of his gestures, i can sense that he was being touchy. I know he was flirting. In the middle of our conversation I noticed he has a wedding ring, it was quite obvious but i asked him if he's married and then he said yes and he has 2 kids who are still both young. After that confirmation, i tried to be decent because i respected him being a married man. I know he has other intentions but i didnt mind it at all because on my mind we'll never get to see each other again. But before we part ways he asked for my mobile number so i gave him my number and vice versa. He asked me where i live and told him to my surprise our house is just a block away, but that wasnt a big deal to me. During my vacation i dont usually attend to my cellular phone but when everytime i see me phone i always have missed calls from him, he calls me all the time. I wouldnt answer his calls because i find him weird calling, on the back of my mind is a question "what does he want from me". I always send him a message why i cant answer his calls, i would tell him i was asleep at that time. After my vacation i went back to the city to be with my family and during my travel he called again and this time i answered his call. He asked me if i already left the province and i told him yes im already back in the city. To my surprise he asked me out, there goes my alibis again that im so busy in school and all. But he would always tell me he'll wait until im no longer busy. It so happened that he also came from a nearby town next to our town and his office is near our house (he owns the office). From then on i got used of his calls and would answer them eventually. Again he asked me out and this time i said okay, so we had dinner together and a little beer, i have no plans of going beyond the limit but thats what happened. We had sex and at first i didnt mind it. I was thinking he just miss his wife because their job. Every morning i would always send him morning greetings and he would call me asking if where i am, how i am doing, have i eaten already, when will i be free from school. So this keeps on going on until i realized i keep on thinking about him. I always check his photos on facebook and im missing him whenever i dont see him. I already know i like him but i know its impossible that we cant be together, i know how he loves his wife so much and i never meant to be the other woman but i just did. I want to stop but i cant. How can something wrong feels so right. I know im being stupid but i just pray i can get out of this mess as soon as possible. I dont wanna ruin family.
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I know in the long run it will always end up hurting myself. im still finding my out, i know i have to get out of this.

get strong and end it,, before many people get hurt including you,,,and his 2 children and wife