It Was Her

I noticed shortly after our 10 months of being together, you being shady. You never wanted to be around me, just your ''buds.'' We hardly talked, until the day we broke up. (shocker!) You told me that it wasn't working out and that we should see other people. That's when I noticed you talking to her. She's pretty, tall and obviously better than me. That's when I got told by a faithful friend that you were cheating on me. I wasn't shocked, sorry I was no longer exciting! But baby, we had some good times and bad times. You were there with me through everything, and I cherish those moments. Thank you babe, but you can go **** yourself!
minnimee minnimee
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

I can tell you that no one is better than you. Don't ever listen to that, don't ever believe that. Are we talking about Golf here? Then sure someone is better than you. In fact your mother did you a disservice if she didn't tell you that no matter how good you are, there is always someone better. And this is true, in performin individual tasks or competing in events that are measureable and structured but there is one thing that no one is better than you at and no one can every be better than you at...and that is being you. Sure you can be a better you, but no one can be better at being you than you. Love is not a measureable thing that can be achieved or won or earned (at least if that is how you are doing it you are doing it wrong).

No, love is mysterious and intangible and who you will fall in love with and who will falls in love with you cannot be known or predicted or measured, no it must be experienced. And the absolute best way to experience it is to be happy with yourself, know who you are, be true to who you are and then no one will be able to compete with you. Screw him!

I can feel your pain. you deserve better love.

Thanks :)