I'M Only 17..

And I'm seeing a 24 year old with a kid.. He says their in an open marriage. But it still scares the hell out of me. I think I'm falling in love. Which is such a terrible idea. He won't leave his wife for me. I don't want to end it though. He makes me so happy. He makes me feel like I'm worth being alive for. I know I'm young and stupid. His wife apparently has a boyfriend in New York. Which is kind of far away from where we live. I just don't know. Ergh. It's frustrating. I really, really like him. But at the same time, what we are doing is illegal. I'm not 18 yet. He is 7 years older than I am.
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Ask yourself what kind of life could you have with this person. Your 17 your whole life is ahead of you. Don't step into adulthood with this drama. Leave him alone.... he claims he has an open marriage but that maynot be true. Leave this guy alone please.

Stop!! Your wasting your time! Don't let a person dominate your emotions...take control before you are crushed! Learn from this experience don't get eaten alive. Been there...done that!

Sweetie, you can break this cycle :) get some support and learn from so many who have been there and wish that someone had helped them to see reality before they were hurt over and over and over again. You can do it!
You are worth being treated with respect. Do you believe that? Most women who allow someone to disrespect them, have been hurt while growing up, something happened to damage your self esteem.
But there are many places that you can get support and counseling. Each one of us has to heal and become whole before we can be in a relationship that works.
Think about what 'LOVE' means. A man that truly loves you will treat you with respect. Your well being will be important to him.
A man that cheats on his wife, is not a man of integrity. If he is comfortable disrespecting an other woman, his wife, he will disrespect you eventually
Once a cheater, always a cheater. Dont 'fall', all that will ultimately happen is that your heart will be hurt again and again.
Enjoy being young and learning who you are and what is important to you! What are your goals in life? If you dont have any, then it's time to dream and make some. You can do and be anything that you decide to.
Have girls nights, giggle and dream and enjoy yourself and this special time. Being 'all grown up' is over rated lol the time filled with responsibilities will come soon enough. Plan a future for yourself that will be a fulfilling happy one!!

Move on. Or at least stop the relationship until you are 18. Take the time to go out and be a teenager. You will regret it later if you don't. I think he is lying to you but even if he is not, what is the future with this man? He won't leave his wife and child and what happens if you get pregnant? A future raising a child on your own? Being treated like you and your child are second class citizens? There is no possible happy ending here. So save your heart now and walk away.

Don't believe what all he's saying to you sounds like he's using you for a good time sweetie, he'll get tired of you trust and move on the next that's how it goes

What will happen...
1. He stays with his wife.
2. You catch a disease from him. He and his wife are both sleeping around .. Much more chance of disease.
3. He leaves his wife and marries you. You have a kid and then he cheats on you.
4. He keeps you as his mistress until you are old and all the good guys are married, then dumps you for a younger model.

Find someone your own age. It's the best way.

Hey confused - drop the guy! You don't want his kid you want your own..... you don't want his wife beating on your parents door but you want your single boyfriend that's 17 doing that. Remember 17 year olds need screwing too and you can teach on the way it is and keep him forever. You are doing a bad idea and will get really burned.

Confusedteenager, one other thing that I'd hope you know about yourself is that you are very lovely and chewable, not because you are sweet, but because you are small, you can easily fit in the mouth. Translate that to naive. You are at a point in your life where you have very few regrets and weights that pull you down when you try to progress. Many men like that part of you. They'll tell you anything and everything, just to anchor you to themselves and give you weights. It's like money you have in a savings account. You spend it wrong, you'll not have any to spend later in life, you invest not right, you'll live with less regrets.
I'd hope you'd hook up with someone seriously wanting to relate and take care of your current and future needs, than a parasite that just wants to suck your young juices and leave you drained.
If this is the guy, then let him qualify for it by treating you like a woman not like a spare wheel. Go for the guy who is willing to make you his queen, and will walk around the city bragging of you. Remember if you'll be used up it'll be hard for a guy to consider you for a queen. Let the guy you'll open up to know that you are valuable. You too, date and get with the guy you are willing to take care for, because he takes care of you. You deserve more than you are settling for.

He is using you for his sexual needs, if things get hard he will leave you in no time.

You need to get away from this deviate, you are too young to commit to some one this age who already has children and lives in an "open relationship" aka an admitted deviate with your age being part of his perversion. This will only end badly for you. Your life has so much better in store for you, wait for it.

If your having those kind of emotions come into play you should try talking to him about it...like you said he is in a open relationship with his wife which to mean you can have others on the side but its usually best not to have the emotions you talking about in the mix because again like you said he isn't going to leave his wife and kid

You are so young at you age i really really liked someone but the truth be told guys come and go. i did what you did. i got hurt i was used. he treated me like a queen when together but he stayed with wife and kids. i actually thought i loved him too. Let him go it takes alot to do it but your saving yourself alot of tears. good luck.

Hon, i know it's hard to hear, but it really isn't worth it. In the end it's only going to cause you more pain. He may make you happy now, but he has a wife and a kid and his wife cheats on him, and he cheats on her. Do you really want a guy like that in your life? Speaking from experience. My ex cheated on me 11 times.