How To Move On, When Your Mistake Is In Your Face Everyday?

I'm tring to figure out this question. I was in a relationship with a mm, that I ended. It was a serious emotional and sexual relationship, it took a huge toll on my wellbeing, and I felt relief in trying to move on. The problem... I see him everyday, he still "loves me", and I still have feelings for him that I dont like to admit and try to supress. Im trying to find new employment, to put distance between us. Any advice or similar experiences is welcome...
Lylohe Lylohe
31-35, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2013

Just leave him the more you will stay on the relationship the more it will hurt you. I am on almost the same situation as you are and I am not happy. Maybe once you will completely get rid of everything, you will find true happiness. I am trying too. I know its hard for us, but we can. Its the right thing to do. Little by little we will gradually be to where god wants us to be.:-)

You need distance - period. He can just put love back into his wife, you have to learn to love yourself again. For me I got lucky. She got a job at another place but it still ended brutally. Distance and time and counseling and NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN - the only solution. When I ended it I blew it to smithereens making sure there was no way it could ever back slide. Residual feelings make reconstruction possible. Kill it...forever