How To Move On, When Your Mistake Is In Your Face Everyday?

I'm tring to figure out this question. I was in a relationship with a mm, that I ended. It was a serious emotional and sexual relationship, it took a huge toll on my wellbeing, and I felt relief in trying to move on. The problem... I see him everyday, he still "loves me", and I still have feelings for him that I dont like to admit and try to supress. Im trying to find new employment, to put distance between us. Any advice or similar experiences is welcome...
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2013

Just leave him the more you will stay on the relationship the more it will hurt you. I am on almost the same situation as you are and I am not happy. Maybe once you will completely get rid of everything, you will find true happiness. I am trying too. I know its hard for us, but we can. Its the right thing to do. Little by little we will gradually be to where god wants us to be.:-)

First I had to say don't blame yourself cause no one can control who they fall in love with. As long as we are back in the right track, please don't say it as a mistake.

Hi that's what I'm going through now. Exactly the same feeling as you. I had to work with my mm closely as in project discussion had to take place everyday. I do admit as long as u get to see him, it would trigger tons of sweet moments when u see him. He has contract bind w him and I'm have heavy responsibilities to support my family so either of us could leave.

I just wanna say if you are able to leave , please do so you would definitely feel better than working together. Like me I couldn't focus well on my work and I do admit it affect my performance badly. I had to work closely with my mm as we are in the same project team listen to his instruction for work. That was really bad for me. But my mm had agreed to leave my company when there's a chance or found a better job. I don't want o push him to hard either and cause him to lose his job and couldn't support his family.

I believe you could do it. Try to detach from him and focus back on yourself.

You need distance - period. He can just put love back into his wife, you have to learn to love yourself again. For me I got lucky. She got a job at another place but it still ended brutally. Distance and time and counseling and NO CONTACT EVER AGAIN - the only solution. When I ended it I blew it to smithereens making sure there was no way it could ever back slide. Residual feelings make reconstruction possible. Kill it...forever