And You Give Your Self Away...

 Yes its hard to say when your the other women , but i couldnt help it and of course ended up hurt .

when he was with me it was like heaven but then he went to the one he loved and left me falling from the cloud i was on . but then i gave up i couldnt share something like that . we were friends at first  then turned into something else . I couldnt wait any more i felt like he was mine . He use to come out of no where kiss me say he loved me say he was sorry and i use to go up again to my little cloud but then hit the ground again when he leaves and doesnt call . When i wasnt with him i use to drink alot , use to be left cunfused and hurt .  So i decided to call it quits it was so hard for me but i am a person who likes to be respected and not be any bodys second dish .

waiting for him was like waiting on top of a bed of nails and i  needed more from him . so went on without him but i still think about him and  wonder what if i waited a little more . He left my body brused with pain . Its funny how you give your self away to something thats not yours i guess its a lesson i will never forget.

AnaRosa AnaRosa
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 26, 2008

Yes. I was often where you were. I never wanted him to leave his family but I am totally in a place of complacency. And I also had to leave. Because life is what is happening here. Not heartache. Not a bed of nails.

I am sorry AnaRosa I am in the grieving period now and believe me I do know how you feel all the love and promises were just lies and you deserve better.

((hugs)) so sorry for your pain. It is a tough lesson you've learnt. But you are in a position to comfort others.. I hope you find peace again soon. And a love worthy of what you are able to give.