I Didn’t Know Till It Was Too Late


When we meet it was like we had an instant connection and things blossomed from there I didn’t know she was married and I thought she was at least bisexual, but that didn’t bother me, it wasn't till 6 months after we started dating that I found out that I had fallen in love her, and the fact she was married in a way I didn’t care, all I wanted was her during the time we were together her husband found out about us then her family found out, if I had been older and a male I don’t know things might have been a bit better but, being female and 18 years younger was a very bad thing especially seen I was very close in age to her own children, we had our ups and down but we lasted for 2 years before things just go to much for both of us and we did end it, but have remained some type of friends with some type of feeling and sexual flirtation between us, I worry something will happen again between us or we just might end up sleeping together because there is a sexual tension between us at the moment and it’s getting worse every time we talk, I don’t want to walk straight out of her life, she is having trouble and needs to talk to someone she can’t talk to her husband and the way she talks about him she hates him with a passion, I worry about her and I worry about our friendship, relationship I don’t think I can go back to being with her while she is married, I fear that it will destroy us both in the end

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