And It Hurts

I've been that other woman on more than one occasion and it sucks. I realized that it's not fair to anyone and we all suffer from it. I don't know why I did it but deep down I knew that nothing would become of it. Still it hurt, and as much as I blamed him, I too was a participant.


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Iam glad you realized this,because no one wants something that belongs to SOME ONE ELSE.He's a jerk, because he'll never leave his wife, he just wants his cake and eat too.Cheer Up we all make mistakes, that's how we live and learn.Ask God to sent you some one only for you. You'll be surprised at what he'll do for you.

the same goes for me. the guy im seeing says that his wife isnt that bad as other wives but he still isnt completely happy. he never talks about her but when he does he describes her as annoying, passive, and like she had never trusted him even though he admits she shouldn't. but i dont feel sorry for her that makes me feel really bad.

There is no mention of the wife.. for all we know she began this...<br />
For all we know she was the ***** that deserves all of this..........

Oh my god listen to you all bla bla bla you poor dears anyone thinking how MUCH sufferign the wife (who by the way has been given NO choice in all of this) is feeling or do you just go on beleiving she is a bad person / wife etc to make your self feel better.... Get real and look at the truth not your rose coloured glasses view of it !!

I am currently going through a similiar situation right now. I'm trying to get out of it before my heart gets involved but it's already causing me pain and way too much stress. However evertime I get to a place where I think I can stop seeing him he reels me back in. I don't know how to stop this mess that I managed to get myself into.

Pray wholeheartedly, and Iam sure you WILL find a way. Don't give up!!! That's what the he wants you to do.

Being alone is easy... its just a differnt kind of pain.<br />
Yet.. the past is just that and there is no point to living there... you certaily can't love there, yourself or anyone else. The past is where the pain is.. just as the 3000 messages and the fling you enjoyed. Keep it and the pain you cherish will keep you company... let it go and the pain will simply vanish.<br />
<br />
You will still have the memories of that time, cherish that if you need something but remember it was and no longer is.<br />
.............................................. Lou

I became the other woman before I even realized it. I found an emotional connection with my MM and in the long wrong I didn't want to give that up. I been alone for 5 years and have told myself that this is what I want but really I just don't want to be hurt anymore. After having my own husband cheat on me I never wanted to be this woman. I have ended it but now I am having problems dealing with the lonelyness. I miss talking to him. He was just so easy to be myself around. He never judged me. That's how this whole mess started. He opened a secret account that his wife did not know about and would email me daily several times a day. In over 6 months he has sent me over 3000 messages. I don't feel like I love him and I would never want him to leave his wife for me but now I feel like I've lost my best friend. I keep myself guarded and walls built up so high around myself and I never expected this man to do the things that he did and he slipped over my highly guarded walls and was charming me before I knew it. I don't know if I can be as strong as him and it makes it even worse that he is my boss.

Many only do something that is familier to them. So its often not the act that is done... instead, what the act brings.... in this case... sounds like pain was the goal.<br />
<br />
So if being the other **** or drinking or keeping a harmfull relationship brings the all too familier gift of pain.. its an easy choice......

darlin' I'm all about free speech and appreciate you comin' to the rescue. :) Very sweet of you and for the record I'm not holding up a sign tellin' ppl to cheat just sharing like you said. <br />
<br />
EP is about sharing experiences and that's what I do. Lived a lot in my short time here and not always proud of what I've done along the way but don't regret it either. Can't learn if ya don't try... <br />
<br />
xoxo<br />

Okay no offense here towards you or anyone else. I was just being honest with this story, which is always my goal. I don’t feel that I disrespected myself in anyway because I can say I certainly enjoyed the time together. I also admitted know that it would never go anywhere and it didn’t. I know the type and I know they want a taste of what they can’t have but then they always go back home. It is what it is and I no longer play the game but by no way was I a victim ‘cause I got off just as often as he did darlin’… We are all human, we all make mistakes and hopefully, we all learn from them. <br />
<br />
…moving on

Wow, always felt like I was the only one! There are so many of us out there. I love my married man with all of my heart. He is everything I ever wanted a lover to be, and more. He is very handsome, and always the perfect gentleman, and I believe that he would do anything for me. I know that he loves me, he has proven that to me many times. But the lonliness is unbearable. Many many empty nights when you know that they are with there wifes. I am so jealous of her, she has what I want, and can never have. I have never met her, nor do I know what she looks like, I am trying to compete with someone who I will never know. I know in my heart that I should walk away, it is causing me alot of pain, but I love him. Have tried not to answer when he calls, but am not strong enough. I know that i deserve to be number 1 in someones life, so why am I settling for number 2? I guess my heart is bigger and stronger than my brain.


I don't know that there is ever an easy way when it comes to the heart. One day at a time is all you can do... and hang here with us so we can distract you!

I've been there too. I use to mess with a guy but I knew he had a chic we messed with each other for about 2 years. It does suck especially when you develop feelings for the person. I'm pretty sure i felt more strong for him then he did for me but I know exactly what your talking about.

i was there for 7 years it hurts like hell