I have commented on many questions here about "The Other Women". I gave only my view of what I know and have been through for 9 years. I have changed myself during these years and finally feel I can express my views as what happen to me and my understanding of my life. what I would like to say and share with you here is a little story that someone send me many years ago when i was feeling really used and bad about myself. You may already know it but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of this.
The Apple Tree
Sometimes we feel like an apple
men come along and pick the ones
laying on the ground. It is less work
and easy to pick up.
Those at the top, the best apples are
saying what about us, what is wrong with us?
Nothing is wrong with them for men do not
have the strength, the drive, or the well
power to climb to the time to get the best
apples. So to all of you apples at the top
the man that does climb that apple tree
to pick you, well be worth waiting for.

I could not find the original story but this is
basically what it says. We can be the apples on the
ground, the easy ones or wait at the top and be
the one that is the best.
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Aug 17, 2014