The Day the World Stood Still

how could i ever forget.those f-in terrorists pulled off one hell of an attack.i remember i had just started my job as a messenger for my brokerage firm.i was making delieveiries to one of our buildings .it was a normal day,everything was quiet.i had worked for this firm about 5 months now and i loved it.i always would walk through the basement of the twin towers cause they had many stores in there.i remember the day before i went in and said im coming back tomorrow to buy "wheel of fortune" for my this is harder to write then i thought...

anyway i was going to the  50th floor and when i got off the elevator all there was,was comotion.i said what happened.someone said a plane hit the tower.i said no way a plane.i looked out the window and all i could see was smoke and fire comin out the building.i said to myself immediately-this was no first i said its bad bud no doubt theyre gonna put the fire out and then we will see how many lives were a sense it was almost no big deal.i had no idea how big a deal this was tilli lef the building.i was nosy so i walked right past the towers and all i  could see was smoke and  flames.cops telling people to keep walking.thats when i seen it-the other tower was smoking this point i said oh shoot,were under attack.but i couldnt know for sure.i went back to my office which is literally 1 block away.everyone was like get out of here-leave ya stuff behind.were all gonna die.

i said forget that-went and got all mystuff and prayed to someone that i dont get crushed if those buildings fall.i quickly went downstairs and looked  over to the towers...........................

..............(dear god bless their souls)............................

thats when i realized i might die.i wasnt scared because i was in shock.pure shock.the seriousness began to creep into me.i realized this was no fire that was gonna be out in a coupe hours...tyhis was real...............and then.....................................................................

i heard a women scream "nooooooooo"-i turned and im like what the he'lls her problem.....

oh my god........


i look up at the towers and i realized that between the smoke theres people....people....sob...people just jumping out the windows for their lives.can you imagine having to choose from burning alive with jet fuel or jumping 100+ stories to your god.

1 jumper,2 jumper.with every jump that damn women screamed.a3 jumper,4 jumper.....and on and on.finally someone said lady get the hell out of here.youre scaring everyone.she just kept crying.i felt my own eyes was the most horrible thing i have ever scene and probaly wont top that ever in my life.8 jumper,9 jumper.....and then the one that broke my heart-a man and a women holding hands,sob,sob,holding hands jumped together to their death.sob.........................................................i could just imagine how frightenmed they were(dammit bush i voted you in office twice and i will never forgive you for not catching bin laden).how scared  must you be to jump to your death.

after that i couldnt  take it no more.yhe smoke and fire were building stronger.damn cant believe im crying 6 years later.i had to go.i was scared at this point cause i had no idea if the buildings would fall.police ambulance people,feds-it was chaos.where to train was out of service for would  i get home.i heard a rumbling.i said thats it im gone.i began runnning up west broadway as fast as i must have been about 10 or 11 blocks cause i was in a hood i didnt know at the time.after stoping i went in the store and bought a camera.i took photos and then --boom-the next thing you kinow the first tower went down.i was relieved i was out of harms way but what about everyone else,sob,what about everyone else.there was nothing i could do-except keep myself alive.would there be more missles-what else was to come.i had no the f-15's streaked across the sky i said to myself.someone is gonna pay dearly for this.i love america with all my heart and even though theres still some tensions between race and class and minoritie and whatever-i would never ever trade this country for another.when they knocked down the towers,sob,they took a piece of new york away.they took a peice of me away too.sob,dfamn them .damn them.damn them,sob,damn them,sob,damn them!!!!!!!

i knew there was a train that runs from manhattan to brooklyn that i could use to get home.i got home about 5 hours that time i lived with my in-laws.just married.kid on the was wife was so relieved since my cellphone was not working she hadnt heard from me.street phones were always being used after all everyone had someone to call.

when i got home she hugged me like crazy and i tod them what i saw.i remember something that will never go away.why is it that on tv as they showed the world's reaction the muslims were freaking smiling and dancing.i could have literally bought a gun and shot every arab i say in a 20 mile radius.i now know that was thw wrong mind frame but at the time it was a good thing if you were not in my pressence.

the yanks went to world series that eyar.ny's team.i always hated the yanks too.worst of all they were playing the team i had been rooting for for the last few years.the arizona diamondbacks had my boy buck showalter as manager and i hated the way he left the i rooted for arizona ,sob even though i knew we needed the economical boost that comes with winning,i even felt bad cause i knew it would lift all new yorkers spirit if tyhe yanks won.but there was 1 more thing.i knew that if i rooted for the yanks i would be doing just what the terrorist to break from our way of life.the things we make us hurt.dammit i waited 4 years to see arizona win the championship and damn they did it-they won.

i remember i couldnt sleep for months.i think it was summer '02 when  finally stopped waking up with cold sweats and nightmares.i was traumatized.sob.maybe i still am.

to all those who lost someone that day i sincerely wish you my condolonces and hope that one day you find story isnt nothing compared to the others who were covered in dust(peace to jermaine-glad you made it out homey!)and hurt.

america never forget that day!

espeacially cause if we should find out bush really did have something to do wit it like conspiracies go-he should be lynched on the white house lawn!




port authority police

friends,family,and enemies as well-



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I was crying when I read your story. I may not have been in 9/11 but I was scarred all the same. I was only three when it happened. People always tell me. "Forget, forget, forget...." I will not forget. I have moved on, yes. Do I go on everyday and laugh, and joke, and smile. Yes. But I will never forget my mother, father, or big brother.

armchair i couldnt agree with you more.just 30 mins ago we had a discussion on the n.w.o. eevryone said its b.s. and watch to much tv.we'll see next yr

Its disturbing that almost every aspect of the official story seems to lack credibility...<br />
And I think the only thing stopping people from connecting all the dots is that to do so they would have to accept that their whole world view is a sham...<br />
<br />
That everything (barring the most mundane stuff) on the news (every single channel) is all propaganda and that every single politician for every party are basically bound to economic constraints and to shadowy and corrupt elite business mafioso.<br />
<br />
It really is too depressing for most people to swallow....<br />
TO wake up and realize that you are on the wrong side, that the ones who you thought were the good guys are actually the bad guys and that you by virtue of your own superficiality are part of it.<br />
Its like the matrix really (by analogy) ... most people dont want to believe that we are inside a bubble of mis-information...and that the UN and especially the US and UK are the spear heads of a big imperialist agenda designed to colapse the world into war and apocalyptic collapse from where a one world fascist state can be built...its the same old NAZI thing again....same wolves but in different sheep's clothing...

OMG you were there! Thanks for sharing yr story. You may not have been affected as devestatingly as the firemen and police officers were, but you lived through it up close and personal. I was not there nor did I lose anyone, but I feel the pain of 9/11. The mourning is worldwide, I think. (Does that make sense?) I remember it every year. It's so horrific, but I don't need to tell u that! The conspiracy theories are bull sh*t! Only evil could dream up using jumbo jets as weapons like that. American government doesn't have evil people in it. You survived, tis a blessing. Are you still traumatised by the experience now? No shame in it! U survived hell. xxx

i bet it was SM it would have been terrible i am so glad you werent one of the ones killed that day.....

babe it was unbelievable

well that was a shocking day, i am in australia and i was sitting at home when i lived at my mums and i went out of the room for a few minutes and i heard her yell out **** come and have a look, i ran down the hall into the lounge and all i saw was smoke on the tv she said a plane had hit the twin towers in NY...i stood there in shock and started to cry it was the most horrible thing i have ever seen in my life....those ******* bastards to take peoples lives like that, innocent people and chilldren, it makes me sick to the bone what they did....i never want to see something like that again and i hope nothing happens like that again...

wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS!!!! this really got to my heart, and i am about to cry right now, i just can't say all that i need to, but thank you. THank you for writing this. This must have been hard. really hard, and like glorygirl said, God bless and keep you, always. *hug*

There are tears running down my face as I read this account of the horrid day.<br />
Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I am glad that you were safe and I hope that the memories don't seem as haunting amymore.<br />
I can remember the place I was and the fear I felt as I watched it happen, but I can't imagine the terror that you lived through that day.

Thank you so much for sharing -

My parents grew up in Germany during WII and were bombed daily, day and night ...people would try to seek shelter in their basements, the bombs would hit the roof and explode, then the enemy realized they could make the bombs explode in the basement by delaying the fuse. Only air raid shelters were safe, but there wasn't enough room?! My dad was in a railway station at the bombing of Dresden, the train engineer disobeyed orders to remain at the station and made a run for a train tunnel in the mountains, they barely made it when the allied planes hit the tunnel entrance, the women and children began screaming and crying as the planes tried to drop bomb after bomb into the tunnel entrance, they were lucky and survived, 20,000 people died in the city in one night, mainly from asphyxiation from all the fire bombs, my father was lucky that the train engineer disobeyed orders.

thank you for your tragic story. It means so much that you'd share something so emotional with us. I think everyone remembers that day--I do and I live in Vancouver. I remember waking up and seeing my mum sitting on the ground in front of the TV crying.<br />
<br />
I can only imagine what that must have been like for you. I'm inspired by your bravery and I'm glad you weren't injured.

Many Blessings upon you and yours....

Canadians can never fully know what that day was like for New Yorkers but I still remember that day well and will never forget. My sister's company had an office in one of the towers. We have all been affected by this no matter how far away we were. <br />
<br />
Today is a day to remember, never forget and do everything we can to make sure it never happens again.<br />
<br />

Thanks for sharing your experience SM, I never knew anyone who had actually been there, I think I can relate to the shock you were in. I worked night turn the day before and I didn't see it happen in real time, I remember taking the dog outside and as I was standing in the yard I remember how it was so eerily quiet. I called my mom on my cell phone and I was telling her how odd I felt about the stillness & she said you haven't heard yet? I spent the next few days gripped to the tv and I couldn't cry, I was in shock. But, I bawled like a baby reading your story and my heart just aches.

You still bring a tear to my eye 7 years later... just reading the horro. Thanks for sharing!

so many precious innocent human lives were lost on that horrible day.i am not american, but im human and my heart-felt sympathies and condolences goes out to all you americans who lost someone on that fateful day.may god give you strength.

This story does make us all remember how we felt that day. I am so glad you wrote this and we are reliving how we felt. We never can forget..................

i had a neighbor whose daughter lived in an apartment near the towers. she was close enough that they found some debris on the roof of her building. i remember the panic they were in because they couldn't contact her by phone till she and her room mate had walked several hours to get to a friends place in new jersey. this story brought it all back and brought tears to my eyes.

Though I wasn't there on that day, I remember watching the second plane hit on tv in real time. I was working in the travel industry at the time, and was the only one at work that new what happened. I had the privilege of living in New York in 2006-2007, and the company I worked for was actually working at ground zero. I remember the the first time I was down there - you couldn't help but tear up. Not only was it a gaping hole in the ground, but it produced a gaping hole in the hearts of every North American and the world beyond. It's been a long time since we have had the fear of war on our own doorstep, but now it's even worse because it's no longer driven by the greed of a crazy man running a country, at least you could see that coming. Now it's beside you on the subway, or the seat next to you on the airplane or the gas in the air you breathe. How are you supposed to trust your fellow man, when he could be plotting your demise while smiling at you? Instead of living in fear, I can only hope that these personal wars end in peace someday. Hopefully in our lifetime.

Thank -you so much for writing this.

I too remmeber that day. Yours was a terrible experience, as were so many others that day!!!! So many I have no idea how many!!!! I was at work that day and was just sitting doing my work when suddenly a fellow secretary came bursting into the room and said something about one of the twin towers being hit. I guess she heard it on the radio. Then she got the TV going, and we watched live as the other plane hit the other tower. Then we heard about the pentagon. I thought, omg, it's World War III! Oh God, I have to get to Justin. I can't lose my son. I was so afraid we were about to be nuked by missiles!!! I had no idea where this was coming from. After the first lpane, I thought, wow, what a ridiculous mistake! (no feeling, numb). But when the second plane hit, it was obvious, this was no mistake, this was intentional. This was an ENEMY. Then my boss who was more knowledgeable than me told me "Al Quaida." I was like, Al Quaida? What's that? How did he know who it was??? How did he know??? I looked it up online immediately and that was the first time I learned the name Osama Bin Laden. That was when I realized we were under attack my terrorists. I couldn't believe it. Then the Pennsylvania plane went down. Brave people on that plane! God! What is happening? The world is ending!! I told the class breaking up when they were done. One of the girls screamed and said her boyfriend/fiance worked at the WTC (one of the short buildings). I became horrified to have told her such horrible news! I began crying as she tried to reach him on the phone. No luck. But later, we found out, he made it out ok. Thank God!!!<br />
<br />
Then a professor, Joanne J, later told me that her husband's law firm was located extremely close to the World Trade Center. She said she got a cell phone call from her husband saying he couldnt' see a thing, that he was running and ashes were falling all around him and people were running amok and he couldn't see anything. Then it got cut off. The phone call. Then I worried for Joanne that her husband was so in danger...God to much at once to take in - I went numb. I finally realized that it was ok to leave work and go get my son and bring him home. I held my son for hours and hours in our rocking chair where I had nursed him since he was an infant. I held him and held him and prayed to God, please, don't let there be a World War III! Please don't nuke anyone, please don't nuke us! I could swear here so easily, but I won't. For a while I was completely in solidarity with George W. and everyone in this country, and I hated the Muslims.<br />
<br />
It took me some time, quite a few months, then I realized, this was a fundamentalist faction of the Muslims and that they don't represent true Islam at all. <br />
<br />
I began to realize the terrorists were crazy with power. They thought they were God. No one should ever think they are God. They were acting self-righteous. As if we deserved even more than what we got. They were so happy to have killed innocent people. And then George W. thought it was ok too. THat's where everything when wrong in our country. That's why we need someone who is not involved in oil for president. Please, I'll ride a bicycle! I don't care about having a car anymore! It's not worth it! We need a new energy policy. Do either of our presidential candidates agree with this? I will have to find out. And I am afraid that the powers that be in this country will not allow it. Oil has too much at stake, probably, to allow a president that won't continue to uphold our energy philosophy, which stinks to high heaven.<br />
<br />
Also, we cannot forget that innocent Americans as well as Iraquis and Afghanis have died because of George W. So I am not anti-Iraqi or anti-Afghani or anti-Arab. I am simply anti-governmentleadersandterroristswhothinktheyareGod. They are NOT. Nor are they motivated by the greater good. They are simply greedy. They rationalize their greed away, but they simply don't want to lose what they already have.<br />
<br />
That's my tiny two cents (1 pence?).

This is part of why I joined the national guard. Part of why I do my job - I remember sitting there at my computer like I am now with the TV on behind me - for some reason it was on CNN and I turned around just in time to see the second airplane hit the building. I remember thinking "what movie is this?" before it dawned on me that this was real and it was happening right before my eyes. Then I heard the report out of PA - which is where my daughter lives. My first thought was call my parents - my second thought was don't tie up the phone lines. It was the hardest decision in my life not to call but to realize that this was happening. I knew tieing up the phonelines would be bad - and tried to keep myself busy with other things. But the shock and horror of that day hasn't ended.

I'm sorry, I couldn't read to the end of your story. I remember the news about this and I just broke down and cried when I saw the news, too. I could not believe what I saw - and my experience was only from a great distance. I'm so glad that you lived to tell us your story. When I went to NYC 2 years ago - we passed by the former twin towers - me and my oldest daughter both felt a chill from the loss, desperation and smell of death. We couldn't stand to be near the site for more than a few seconds. I don't see how anyone can be sympathetic to the muslim religion (and it's agenda) or apathetic about the war on terror. We all need to wake up and see that we are not the world power we once were and get our acts together as a nation. God Bless You - and all those remembering today. I wish all of us solidarity and peace.

I don't think anyone in our country will forget where they were or what they were doing when they got the news that a plane had hit the world trade center... then another one... then the pentagon... then that there was a flight in Pennsylvania... I remember going home and sitting there in shock in front of the tv, my family all together, sitting there crying and holding each other. I knew no one personally that died that day, but I know that each and every one of them affected me and I will never forget them. The tragedy of it will remain forever in my heart... Hugs.

Thank you...your story gave me the chills...i couldnt imagine going through what you did

God bless you and America on this memorial day!

Thats a tragic story. Shame it was america who was responsible for the entire thing. Your contry is in so much debt with china, so destroying all their records and the wtc was their only option. <br />
9/11 anit got **** on the war thats coming, believe me my dads an arms dealer selling fighter jets to saudi arabia.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I wasn't in Mahanttan but across the river in Jersey City and I am still traumatized by this horror.<br />
<br />
It's been 7 years now and I still can't seem to shake what I seen. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of this.<br />
<br />
I didn't lose anyone in the attack but almost lost my then partner who worked at the World Financial Center. I'll never forget the knot in my stomach because communication was spotty (no phone service...not even cell phones worked). The only way I had to stay in touch with M was our nextel direct connect which surprisingly still was working.<br />
<br />
That day changed the lives of so many and while no one I knew died, everyone I knew had a part of them die that day.<br />
<br /> favorite city, lost an ugly piece of architecture but I'd give anything in this world to have them back and all the lives that were lost that day.<br />
<br />
My heart cries for those that died and for those, who like me, survived but still suffer.<br />
<br />
If Bin Ladin is ever caught I hope he's strung up in the middle of Times Square and tortured almost to the point of death and then just left there to recover so we can do it all over again to him. I don't want him to get off so easily as a quick death...G-d please let it be a slow, painful one.

i'm an aussie and i can remember that night vividly..our night is your morning...i had fallen asleep watching an old time movie...when i was woken with the sound of cnn and the horrors that you guys were going through....the first plane had already hit and i watched live when the second plane mouth didn't close for i don't know how long but when i finally tried to close it and swallow it was so dry ..i could hardly breathe.....i just can't imagine how you all survived and managed to pick yourselves back up...when someone like me so far away found it so hard to even comprehend... i was in shock for days praying that only survivors would be are all heroes and i hope that you never have to witness or suffer anything as horrific as 9/11<br />
cheers to all the newyorkers

To the fireman,officers,workers,who were there that tragic day of 9/11.. We love u all for the hard work an dedication u had in your heart to help all the victims,an there family an most of all each other..

I was at work when it happened. I don't live in New York, but I still felt the anger and terror that people were going through. We shut down for that day, because everybody was to upset to work. We had Counslors come in for talk to the employees, and even the staff. I remember when I heard it over the Radio, what happened, I was like what the he** happened. It couldn't be true.Then we started hearing more. It was awful. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

thanks for sharing that. i live in san diego but i remember seeing on the tv the people jumping out the window cause of the heat from the fire and ill never forget that image in my mind. that is what i remembered most about that day.

Thank you for putting your story here for us to read. Very moving. Peace, brother. ((((((((hugs)))))))))))

I'm so sorry for what you've gone through. Also for the lives lost and all. Thank you for sharing your horrible experience. I bet you see life in a new way. <br />
<br />
I ask this as nicely as I can... please capitalize your sentences and use spaces after dots... It would be helluva lot easier to read.

A searing story truly written from the heart. In the UK we are used to this sort of stuff, the Germans in the last war and the IRA have had a go at us all. But poor America, not used to evil men wrecking and killing. Lots of people here in the UK will be thinking of you and remembering what you lost today.

I wanted to leave a comment but I honestly don't have words. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thank you for this story. There are days when I wake up, and just dont want to go to work. Today? Today I got up and tears welled up in my eyes as I put on the uniform of a United States Army Soldier. I wish that everyone can feel the pride that I feel today as I look on my right shoulder and see the American Flag right there. GOD BLESS

This is a well written post. I cry when I think of how many people needlessly lost their lives that horrible day. Thank you for sharing.

i am from australia. just read your piece. and it's so very insightful. it's not a 'nothing' story. you write well and i applaud you for the courage and effort you have taken in conveying your valuable perspective and thoughts to the rest of the world.<br />
<br />
God Bless You. <br />
<br />

I just read this, thanks for sharing it. We will never forget, not just New Yorkers, but the whole Nation, and the rest of the free world as well. I live in Pennsylvania, have been to NYC several times, maybe close to a dozen. I haven't been there since 9/11/01, I can't imagine... the skyline without the Towers. The last memory I have is coming from Giant Stadium and seeing them at dusk and thinking, how awesome! I was very afraid ( I refuse to say the 't' word ) that day too. I watched the whole thing unfold on tv. I live near the TMI nuke and when I heard there was a plane in PA I panicked and thought they were coming to finish the job there. Really, I was up and halfway out the door to get there so I could go out with it in a blaze of glory. The panic brought back flashbacks of that day too. I hope you and yours and everyone else affected on that day are well. Maybe some day soon I will come visit. Keep your chin up!

that made me feel so bad cus i was so young wen it happened i didnt know how to fell, i now see the horror that everyone went thru. i never understood why people cried ovr it until i was oldr and now as i was reading your story i to almost cried. thank you so much.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. So many people want to forget but none of us should ever forget. I was in the United States Army on that day and serving in Germany. It was 5 PM in the evening for us when it happened and let me tell you on that day I think the world stood still. To this day at the mention of 911 I cry. Being a Vet and serving for our country I will never forget. I will never forget when we found out crowding around a small television with other soldiers hering everyone crying and as a soldier feeling so helpless and like a failure for not protecting our people. I will never forget our Battalion Commander going to his knees in front of our formation when he told us America was under attack. Thank you for reminding me of that day. We all need to be reminded.

It is tearful eyes that I say thank you for sharing your experience. <br />
9-11 is a day that will forever be etched in my mind. I will never forget the fear and extreme sadness of that morning. I sat in my family room with my daughter.Even from 100s of miles away in safety my sence of security had been rocked.<br />
I can never imagine the terror that you felt and still feel when thinking of that day, or looking at the empty land. I admire that way you continued with your blocked at least part of there joy in the attack.<br />
I pray that you have found peace and are able to live without fear now. I can only imagine how difficult that is. I still feel the same emotions all over again when I se footage of that horrid day.<br />
God bless you and all those who suffered and lost on that day.

Amazing story. I can't see through the tears. TY for sharing this. We should never forget this event in history.<br />
And I agree with you punishment if Bush was involved in any responsibility for this tragedy.

you gave me chills...


Thanks for sharing this with us.... I can't imagine how difficult ot must have been for everyone it affected, although I think probably it affected the whole of America and beyond.

everyday working across from this big pitt in the ground ****** me off cause i want the towers back.i know people want amemorial but c'mon-the best way to say kiss our asz is to say the towers are coming back bigger than ever

everyday working across from this big pitt in the ground ****** me off cause i want the towers back.i know people want amemorial but c'mon-the best way to say kiss our asz is to say the towers are coming back bigger than ever

Tragic.. thank you for sharing this..

thank you for sharing your story. i live in GA and the flood of emotions even here was just terrible. panic, terror, despair. i can't even imagine how horrible it must have been for those like yourself who were there. i hope you continue to grow in strength and peace.

Cel, thanks for pointing out the PTSD ... I'd not even considered it ... *hugs*

This is the most "personal Experience" story I have read to date. A hard read, but worth it. What can one say! It was surely a war zone not seen for decades. There truly are scars that will never go away, and how could they? My son had just flown out of NY NY the day before. As I watched the TV for days, just crying, I could only imagine, and know that for one day, I could have been one of the thousands posting up photo's, visiting hospitals etc. How do you get over such an experience? You don't. My heart aches for all those who lost loved ones, who saw what you saw and continue on. Time, will fade the scars, but what you saw, the day you lived through. Your story so needed to be told. Thank you for putting pen to hand on this one. God keep and bless you and yours every day.

I had to read this in pieces; it's very powerful. I'm glad you were not harmed, and I am continually sadenned for those who were and for those who died. Thank you for sharing this.


SM, thank you for your courage - this piece is raw and brave.<br />
<br />
Would you believe that I wasn't there, knew no one there, lost no one to it, etc. yet I've avoided all the footage, pictures, interviews, movies, etc. until today - 6 years later!?!?!? <br />
<br />
I had a dream that morning that I couldn't make out and had trouble remembering the details. It started out like it always does ... I woke at 4 a.m. and fell back to sleep only to dream a dream I didn't understand this time ... I awoke to a sore throat and the most nauseous stomach ever. It had been several years since I'd had one of these 'spells' and I didn't realize what it was. A few hours later I went into work ... I walked in and it was silence - no printers, no clacking of keyboards, no low murmur of meetings and people on the phones - NOTHING ... I didn't know ... I rounded the corner to see a tv and cart in the middle of the aisle with all employees gather around with fear on their faces. I walked around and got a view ... I now knew what my dream was and why I was ill ... It had always happened like that in my past when I KNEW death was on the way ... <br />
<br />
To this day I can't really tell you why I've avoided it as I didn't lose anyone ... I virtually didn't affect me in the way it did so many. Yet I suffered along with them in silence. <br />
<br />
I feel for you ... *hugs*

you said it all. Bravo!!

Bless you for this!

You are so brave for sharing your story with the rest of us. This story makes me feel angry and sad at the same time. I cant explain it. Who really knows how to explain the moment faced with death. You described this complex feeling very authentically. Thank you for keeping me from living my day-to-day in apathy of what is happening to our world.

Thanks so much for sharing your story. Even happier you weren't injured.