The Tickle Club

Well I thought this vacation was going to be dull, 6 weeks without a good old tickling... Now what you have to understand is, I think my friend, who tickled me that night cursed me, and now I can't get enough!

Well was with my friend, and we have found this fetish club - which had feathers on the logo, so for a laugh we signed up and went the next night, now this fetish club was a thriving place for Ticklers and Ticklees!

We were given a little welcome pack, with a blindfold and some stiff feathers and other tools inside, we took full advantage of these!

We went into one of the little private rooms, and we flipped a coin, my friend was to go first, so i tied him down and tickled him until he cried mercy, my friend however, told me that was more of a tickler than a ticklee, i had no problem with that!
Then it was my turn, I had worn, a tank and shorts and a bikini top underneath.. He tied me down secure and tickled me..We played a few games, having a good time..

We had a wander around, helping other people out, with tickling etc...

Then we walked past this particular room 5 room talking about a gang tickle, but no-one was volounteering, feeling brave, i decided i would volounteer to help them out!

I told them i would take my tank off, cos i was wearing a bikini top thing underneath..
We picked this table thing, that was like an X frame but laid down..
My wrists, elbows, ankles and knees were restrained, and each toe was tied up, i was getting more and more nervous the longer it took for them to do it, until finally i was stretched out and completely helpless..

We agreed on an hour for the tickling unless i said the safe word, which was something like banana or something.. i never used it.
My friend said he would tickle my under arms, and i scowled at him, cos he knew i am more sensitive there, had two on my feet, one working on my tummy and sides, one working on my legs and the last one, tickling my neck and chest..
They all started off one by one with feathers along all over my body, and we had blindfold in our welcome packs, so they put that on me!
So as each person took their turn, then they all went in together, then repeating it over again, then the feathers were ditched, and They began to use their fingers and that made me really scream!

Before I leave I am definately going back there with my friend - think i might go tonight!

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wow is there any places like this in England? Lets talk sometime :)

can i get an address or website for this club? looking for women playmates, ,,message me if interested :)

Can u give some of fetish club address for trying to get my armpits tickled....... i love it

where was this tickle place

where the club

these clubs are all over the usa! they are, in fact, a great place to meet couples or singles!
i been to 3 tickle fests! its like the comic-con of feet! lol

I love to tickle girls but they all run at the mere word

I can't find anyone to tickle me, so I find that crazy!

JennieSpiceGirl. . . I'm hoping you posted your message on 9/16/2014 and still Want to be Tickled. I don't know that we would ever be able to meet in person, but I would Love to Tickle you. Maybe we can at least write to each other. I know I could make you Giggle and Laugh like a School Girl by telling you how I would Tickle you. My Screen Name tells you what my Main interest is and Oh My My, how I would Tease you by telling you how I will Gently hold your Ankles together as I S l o w l y slip your Shoes off your Nylon Clad Feet and then. . . . . . well, I'll continue if you would like, just let me know. I created this E-Mail address for you, "" I hope you decide to use it, but if not, I'll understand. In closing and so you know, I go by "J.D.", am 51 years old and live in Michigan. Looking forward to hearing from you. . . JD

i willtickle you :) when and where?

Where do u live?

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Yeah where is the "club"?

that sounds hot! each toe tied? damn! so no movement at all - that's so evil!

Please message me with the whereabouts of this place haha!!!

i would love to try this

Where is this ''club''

wow! how did you find such a club? sounds like a lot of fun!!

That sounds like a dream come true to me!

That sounds like a wonderful evening.. Feathers are sexy, but there's nothing like using your fingers. :)

Where was this club???