My Band Teacher

back when i was in eighth grade my female band teacher ( mrs. cronger around age 29) asked me to stay after school one day to make up a lesson i missed but i had to go after my wrestling practice to it was later and almost every one was out of the school. wen i walked in she was back in her office grading work and i walked up and knocked on the door when she looked up i could tell she had been crying to i a sypathetic raised child i sat down took her hand and asked her wats wrong. she looked at me and just poored out wwat was going on her and her husband now were getiing a divorce and she was upset bc of the effect on the kids. After talking for a little bit she said ok well lets get ur lesson over with and just before we got out of the office she kicked off her shoes and she said jeese this things hurt so bad and i turned and said well if u wanted to i could give u a foot massage instead of having my lesson she agreed surprisingly and went back and sat in her office chair and put her feet up . at this point in a little confused butshe was the teacher everyone thought was the best looking in school so i took her feet and started massaging her feet. then i have an idea maybe she is ticklish because i have a tickle fetish i found this interesting so i run one finger up and down her soles she imediatly bursts out giggling i then threw a arm around her ankles and the off i went tickling her feet as much as i could the one thing i didn't expct is she suddenly starts tickling my side. i let her go and fall off my chair laughing before i knew it she had me handcuffed ( her ex-husband was a cop ) behind my back so i couldn't defend any ticklish areas. then she goes for pay back she then takes off my shoes and starts using her long nails to tickle me and it tickled horibly i couldn't fight the laughter and i just squirmed like a jellyfish. then she decides to get the long feather she had taped to a pen and she ran it between my toes and she looked like she was having as good of a time as me the she goes to my stommach and sides as i wiggled and laughed then she let me go she said that was a fun time but we should probably keep it under raps but thank you thats exactly what i needed and i gathered my things and left i still go talk to her some times and she still is ticklish lol but ill never forget that
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WOW u r so lucky! I had a similar experience with a neighbor.

i would love to hear about it is u would just message it to me

message it to me