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It Always Happens!

Throughout my entire life, it doesn't matter if I go to the bathroom an hour before someone tickles me or a few minutes; I ALWAYS flood my pants when I get tickled. It's unavoidable. This can be very enjoyable and also sort of embarrassing sometimes, but I try to let it flow (no pun intended) and be shameless. I love tickle fights at sleepovers because of this very factor. Usually, the tickling will get to be so much that I'll flood my pants, panties, and my side of the bed. I used to hate it, because some girls would complain about the smell, but now I love it. My closest friends know of my pee fetish, and it seems like ever since I told them, they want to see me pee myself even more.
Just a week ago, one of my best friends (I'll call her B) was sitting next to me at lunch. I was rocking back and forth, holding myself as much as possible. I was pretty desperate because I'd forgotten to go pee during passing periods. I tried sneaking out of the lunchroom to go to the bathroom earlier, but got caught by the school security guard, and was brought back to my table. Suddenly, B whispers, "You have to pee bad, don't you?" I looked up, blushed, and mouthed "BADLY." She sat up, put her sandwich down, and proceeded to tickle me.
"Oh my God.... B stop!" I choked out, giggling and squirming around uncontrollably. A small squirt came out of my bladder, and I felt it soak up around my *****.I gasped. Was I really about to mess myself in front of the entire middle school?
"You're gonna pee! You're gonna pee!" she shouted, taunting me with her words as she tickled me all over. By this time, I had tears in my eyes; it almost hurt to hold on. All of a sudden, I let loose. A jet of warm **** came out, and I continued to pee for the next few seconds. I froze, and slowly B did, too. I looked down, then she looked at me, and we both burst out into laughter. I had just peed myself at school!
She ran me to the bathroom and checked me. I was wearing a pad, so almost all the pee was soaked in it, thank goodness! She gave me some paper towels, I dried up a bit, and then we went to recess together. Although this is pretty recent, she's been tickling me at lunch ever since. Now, I love it!
PeePeePrincess PeePeePrincess 18-21, F 4 Responses Mar 6, 2011

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That was super hot. I want to meet you, lay you down on my bed and tickle you

really bad ***,you want ppl to make you get naughty,esp when you cant help it! add me if u want!

aww that's great,<br />
<br />
i'm one of your biggest fan, you really have a great stories

You have the cutest pee stories on here. It's been a while. Peed in any interesting places so far this year?