My female babysitter when i was 5 or so used to hold me down and tickle me till i peed all the time, and then just laugh about it. My girlfriend one time had about 3 friends over and when i went to get up to go to the bathroom, they all jumped on me and start tickling me trying to make me pee. My girlfriend knows i cant fight back when im tickled so she told her friends and they kept on saying lets make him pee and did you pee yet? Women can be so evil
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

And did you pee?? I probably would have..LOL Just to get their reaction....

Yeah but, you love them just the same. I think it's their cute way of saying, "I like you and I want to see you subordinate to my prowess so that I can feel strong."

What the heck?