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Brotherly Love

YEA RIGHT! Bruce was the biggest tease! At our uncle's cabin in DA U.P. ,he pinned me down and tickled my ribs,chubby stomach and...the chubby belly!!! Got me laughing sooo hard I wet, howled with laughter and was all squirmy! He constantly did this to my sister and I.Was too fun when we got back at him!!!! LOL!!!! Sometime have furry pet hampster crawl on his BARE SKIN!!!! pure tourture!
parakeet8157 parakeet8157 51-55, F 5 Responses Oct 21, 2012

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kitchy kitchy koo

Can u add me me love tickle

Hmm...seems like you have another admirer, eh "lovebird, sweetie"? Perhaps it's better that I CAN'T find your many other tickle posts... : }

how embarassing....This was over a year ago. Broke off with him in late Jan.

Wow! Now it's MY turn to tickle you, Lovebird, although I wouldn't want to tickle you too bad! *smile for my Sweetie*

We'll have sooo many loving, PLAYFUL tickle fights! ready, seeetttt.... hehehehehe

YES we will! :-)) READY to goooo! Tickle tickle tickle (you KNOW where!) ;-D Hehehehehe!

As a kid I was tickoled many times until I peed my pants. My cousin was the worst at getting me haha. It still happens today if I get tickled too much.

join the club! hehehehehe

:-) I don't believe that ever happened to me, but might have when I was a very young boy. I can't remember! Haha

You're lucky!!! OMG, he'd practically tickle us to death!!!!

Is it MY turn, now? ;-) Hehehehehehehe! *reaching for you with my fingers, already*

squirming in the chair,Trying to find tickle question, you sneak! hehehehehehehe

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Already got you squirming, huh? :-D laughed HARD at what you just said! ;-)
Hope you find it, soon! I wanna hear your reply to me! ;-D
AND- TICKLE, TICKLE,TICKLE TO YOU!!! hehehehehehehehehehehehe!

going baaaaccccckkkk toooo before WE MET! OMG.....PPPPHHHHFFFFTTTT rib tickling raspberries for YOU!!!!!

Ya GOT me! You definitely KNOW my ticklish spots, don't you, Love? Hehehehehe
:-)) I KNOW!! That was a couple of months before we met, I believe....

yes... combing through it..... going through paperwork...where IS IT?

You'll find it, Lovebird! :-) I KNOW you will! Hehehe!
Nice story update, too. When we are finally together- we'd BOTH better watch out, hadn't we? :-D *smiling and chuckling at the thought*

that's right, my ticklish love, superman ect.! hehehehehhehe

Hehehehehehe! ;-D READY to tickle! MY Lovebird, Sweetheart, Darling, Buttercup, etc....;-)

i've BEEN ready! hahahahahahah oxoxoxoxoxox

I know. Me, too! Hehehehehe! *wiggling fingers going for- you know!*

We'll be so beyond ready.hehehehehehehe PPPPHHHFFFTTTTT!!!!!

We'll tickle each other to.....;-)

we both know.... till the end of time!!!! hehehehehehe

GOOD ANSWER, my Love! :-D MUAH!!!

or we call a truce.... hehehehehehe Love and oxoxoxoxoxox!!!!!

Hehehehehehe! ;-D KISSES! HUGS!

Just being a loving couple. That"s us ins!

That's right! ;-)

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