Brotherly Love

YEA RIGHT! Bruce was the biggest tease! At our uncle's cabin in DA U.P. ,he pinned me down and tickled my ribs,chubby stomach and...the chubby belly!!! Got me laughing sooo hard I wet, howled with laughter and was all squirmy! He constantly did this to my sister and I.Was too fun when we got back at him!!!! LOL!!!! Sometime have furry pet hampster crawl on his BARE SKIN!!!! pure tourture!
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6 Responses Oct 21, 2012

Seems to me he forgot the best part! He should have been tickling the soles of your little girly feet! Sounds to me like you kind of enjoyed it. I wonder how ticklish you are all grown up now? I'd love to stroke your soles while you wriggled and squirmed, soft feet in my lap...

Did you ever make him pee HIS pants?? LOL Do you still pee when tickled???

Sure. I think it's kinda a natural reaction, for me anyway.

I'd love to tickle you.LOL

You sure about that???? LOL :)

kitchy kitchy koo

Can u add me me love tickle

Hmm...seems like you have another admirer, eh "lovebird, sweetie"? Perhaps it's better that I CAN'T find your many other tickle posts... : }

how embarassing....This was over a year ago. Broke off with him in late Jan.

Wow! Now it's MY turn to tickle you, Lovebird, although I wouldn't want to tickle you too bad! *smile for my Sweetie*

We'll have sooo many loving, PLAYFUL tickle fights! ready, seeetttt.... hehehehehe

YES we will! :-)) READY to goooo! Tickle tickle tickle (you KNOW where!) ;-D Hehehehehe!