I Am A Cd When I Was Youger My Boyfriend Use To Tickle Me When I Was Dressed In Girls Clothes Till I Peed

i have crossdressed all my life but when i was younger and dressing an older neighbor was my boyfriend and one day i had a bra on panties a nice tight top and tight jeans on and he was trying to fondle me grab at me kiss me i was a little mad at him so i wouldnt let him have his way with me i could see he was very hard and turned on so i got up and started to run away from him he chased me and caught me he had his hands all over me playing with me tickling me all over i was telling him to stop i had to pee he said no your being punished for running from him i was laughing so hard and grabbing at his hard **** hoping he would stop but he wouldnt all of a sudden i started leaking and my jeans were getting wet he turned me around and started kissing me and said dont stop it all felt so good i emptyed my whole bladder it felt so good being all wet and we made passionate love with one another and we started doing that quite a bit tickling me till i wet myself also loved peeing when i had on a girdle
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