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Tickled And Couldn't Hold It, Peed My Pants

My cousisn and I used to wrestle and play around all the time. We were both bedwetters (even as teenagers), and had seen each other in wet pajamas and briefs many times. Well, Sandy loved to wrestle. One day (I think we were around 13 or 14) we were wrestling in the back yard when he got me down, sat on my chest, and started to tickle me. Now, you have to understand I was big time major ticklish. He wasn't as ticklish as I was, but he still could be had! Well, I had to pee since we had finished lunch a little while before and as usual both drank way too much coke. He was tickling my tummy and ribs so much I was squirming and screaming at him to stop before I peed my pants. That was the wrong thing to say, as he just laughed and said he was going to do just that. As you can imagine, I started to pee little squirts into my shorts, but at least my briefs were holding it for now. Then he moved down and sat on my waist and started tickling under the arms, and that was it. I started to pee uncontrollably and completely soaked my shorts. I actually got kinda mad at him and that gave me the strength to push him off and get after him as well. He saw I peed and was laughing which made him easier to get hahaha. I started on him and knew that he was ticklish on the feet. I held him down and tickled his feet with no mercy, and soon he was screaming at me and saying to stop that he had to pee. There was no way I was going to stop, since he had just made me pee my pants and our parents and brothers were going to see me come in wearing wet shorts. He couldn't hold it and I felt him trying to hold himself and not pee, but he couldn't do it. Next thing he was starting to cry a little and I felt my butt gettin wet as he flooded his shorts too.

This was one of many times we had tickle wars and at least one or both of us wound up peeing our pants.
nitewet nitewet 51-55, M 6 Responses Dec 11, 2012

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It happened to me when I was ten a friend and I were needing around, he started to tickle me, and I was very ticklish. I screamed for him to stop, but he wouldn't I could feel my briefs getting damp so I pleaded with him to stop or I would wet my pants. He didn't believe me until I lost control and the pedi was running through my school trousers, then it was too late. He was very sorry. We had to go to the teacher who lent me some clothes from lost property to wear for the rest of the day . I had to take my wet trousers and briefs home in a plastic bag.

that kinda sounds like fun! :)

Oh yeah that sounds familiar! Nobody EVER stops tickling
me once they find out how hysterical I get, no matter how
much I scream and beg for mercy, or how much I pee.

Fun! It's happened to me too...

Wish you'd been at my school! I'd have been your p-buddy! ;-P

When I was in elementary school there was a kid named Steve who did more than his share of verbal bullying, and one day at recess we got him down on the ground and tickled him until he peed his pants. That settled him down.