Misstress Jodie

my friend Jodie called round yesterday and as we sat in my room talking i sat on the floor between her legs. I soon had her socks and shoes of and began licking the soles of her feet and inbetween her toes and sucking each of her toes. Jodie was sroking my shaven head and the back of my neck. i was so horny. i got up and turned round facing her and knelt between her legs and buried my face inher groin smelling her scent through the trakie trousers she was wearing. i began rubbing her ***** with my face and after about fifteen minutes she clamped her legs tight around my head and *** soaking her trousers. i sucked her juices through her trousers when she stood up pushing me away.
she ordered me to ***** then to sit on my office chair. she then used my leather wrist and ankle cuffs and secured my arms to the arm rests on the chair and fastened my legs to the base of the chair then covered my eyes with a mask. i was unable to lift my hands at all and could not see any thing. Jodie then placed the chair in front of my computer and sat on my knee while she worked on the computer. she slowly moved back and forwards rubbing my growing ****. she stood up and ******** off and sat back down. as she did so she guided my **** into her dripping wet fanny and she rode me untill we both had ***.
Jodie then got up and left me tied to the chair while she went and had a shower. When she returned she put some clean clothes on and sat watching tv leaving me where i was. it was another two hours before she un tied me and made me bend over the back of the chair. she then used a leather belt to whip my bare arse.
Cyclopes66 Cyclopes66
51-55, M
Jan 22, 2013