Tied and Shared By Husband

Two weeks ago my husband and I were playing around in bed. It was a Saturday evening around 6 shortly after dinner. I was tied to the bed  posts ( this isn't uncommon) only this time he did it really tight  then blindfolded me. He then puts ear phones on me then leaves me there all wet and ready for some. I'm there for like well over an hour then hear noises in the room. Next I feel hands running over me and quickly realize he's not alone. I tried to ask whats going on only to have him kiss me on the lips. I still can't hear anything from the music but I know there are at least four men in the room. Next I have things attatched to my nipples and a vibrator starts going at me down below.  Soon another vibrator is in me as the first brings me close to a big O. They play w/ me for a while then finally bring me off.  Soon I'm sucking them off as they take turns screwing me. This went on untill well after midnight. Finally I had to beg them to stop from just being too sore. I'm untied shortly afterwards after everyone left. I needed a shower in the worst way if you can imagine.

     I didn't exactly hate it.  What bothers me is my husband won't tell me who was there or how many men were there. I now know there were more than four. So Your probably thinking I'm a **** for not hating it. OK. I know in my profile it says I'm a prostitute. Thats actually a "former prostitute" and I/we did it for money to save our home a few years back. It worked adn its now in my/our past so don't hold it against me please.

    SO to the question. Has anyone else been thru  anything similar to this and how did you get him to tell who was involved?

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This is a huge fantasy of mine. The wife is considering her letting me try it. Any ideas on how to better talk her into it?

I "Hog Tied" my wife and she loved it. I didn't always tell her who our guest was,,,it was male or female and usually a friend of ours.

I find this extremely hot! I picture myself as the husband's guest. To me, the turn on is what the woman is going through mentally....not being able to see or hear.....only feel.....and wonder who is touching her.....and what they are like. Very hot!

My wife was being 'stubborn' one time and I tied her up and threatended to bring a friend over.... she taunted me and I too blindfolded her and used headphones on her.... I did infvite a friend from work over.<br />
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She obviously didn't like it at first but after continued stimulation to her nipples and **** and repeated kissing her body started to respond and she became quite receptive and very willing to have him in her.<br />
<br />
She sucked me while he fu-cked her.... she came twice and after he came, we switched places and she began sucking him as I held her hips and buried myself in her, and like most husbans, I came very quickly.<br />
<br />
I never let her know who it was that came to 'visit'.........

Years ago my wife and I socialized for a brief time with two other couples. We have had a sharing marriage since the beginning, and she thought she might be interested in doing one of the men involved. One night, one of the wives suggested that we all get naked and take turns being blindfolded and let the others do what they wanted, not including intercourse. We drew straws and one of the wives end up being first. We weren't particularly enthusiastic but went along with the group. The other two guys and one wife took turns playing with her **** and *****; one guy went down on her, as did the third wife. The mood got very intense as this went on, and she was clearly uncomfortable not knowing who was doing what to her. When she took the blindfold off, she was obviously excited but also close to tears. My wife lost the next draw and was blindfolded. One of the guys played with her while one woman played with her ****. I could tell that she was getting hot but she also was getting uncomfortable. Then he started to go down on her and ********** from the excitement. There was a nervous reaction. My wife sat up, ripped off the blindfold and proclaimed that when she had sex, she liked to knowingly and freely make the choice of who she was having sex with and not submit randomly to anyone. Then she gave the challenge that if someone wanted to have sex with her for them to speak up. Everyone laughed nervously, the game ended, and we adjourned to the hot tub. Within a week she got calls from both the guys, wanting to get together secretly with her. She turned them both down.

I have to admit I've thought of doin the same to my wife but only with one guy...not a group. A group of guys me kills the erotic part for me...she is wonderin if it's me but realizing it is not. But with one guy she can pretend she thinks it's me and let herself go. That's just me:)

very good point ! nice way to begin ....

hi Andylee, it has not happened to me but I loved the story and have had a fantasy of trying it with my wife<br />

I did it with my wife and she wanted a re run every couple of months :) enjoy all that you can. he loves you and wants to give you pleasant memories.