Merry Christmas

What a suprise, J had promised me a Christmas that I would always remember.  We had always discussed a blindfold and tie up experience, little did I Know the particulars... Christmas eve we showered I shaved by boys and ****, I am also pierced, a PA 000 gauge and have two rings in my scrotum and my nipples pierced... J and I went to the bed and made out a little while then she said it was time I put the blindfold on she spread eagled my legs and tied them very tight, then took my hands and lashed them to the headboard... I was as hard as a rock... I couldn't see an thing and could not wiggle at all.... J said she would come back I heard what sounded like the closet door open and close.... I felt some pressure on the mattress then her fingers slid up my legs... oh ya... her lips and tougue making love to my balls whoa...sucking them in and rolling them in her mouth,,,I have never felt her do it so well, my **** was soo hard.her finger playing with my ring on the end of my **** and tugging on it ,,,the rings on my balls were being pulled by her lips.. this went on for about ten minutes.... I wanted her mouth on my **** so bad....about that time I felt very warm air on my **** lips just a very warm  breath..then what felt like her deep throating me to my balls and very deep oral strokes verry slow, All I could do was jerk my hips as she had tied me up soo good.. She started a rythym..I was working with her...god it felt good... I had my senses magnified by the blindfold. The lips felt tighter the J usually did it . I realized it but so what...then her hand started to stroke me as my **** slid in her mouth... I was getting closer and asked her to slow answer.... The speed increased dam I was getting close....I felt her finger slipped into my *** I shot off like a rocket...her lips tightened on my **** her lips kissed me..... WAIT HOW COULD SHE KISS ME WHILE SHE HAD HER MOUTH ON MY ****....?  THEN TWO PAIRS OF LIPS CAME UP AND  AND KISSED ME ONE WITH *** ON THEM...I THOUGHT IT MIGHT BE HER GIRLFRIEND. NO I FELT SOME VERY FINE WISKERS...A GUY! WHOA.........

J SAID MERRYCHRISTMAS.....We had always talked about something like this andhere it was

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Type your comment here...we were all so turned on for we had hot wifes joining us for the first time, lying on my back pressed to the floor hearing my wife moaning from the turned on exploration of her young eager body.her husband was massaging her rim and I trimming her pulsating from the Inside. out came his soft **** as I lapped her when Bonnie holding his flacid item smiles and slide his ****** in my mouth.I wasn't expecting it but the girls all helped me till I got a rythem.I got so so excited feeling this 8"or more grow hardin my mouth, and the tounge tickling my nuts asBonnie guided him into my wife.who watched me and got hotter. As he thrusted deeper into her 2inches from my eyes he would slip out and my mouth would catch him and suck while one of the girls took over as bonnie spread herself open and took my only free arm and slowly fistfu*¥ her for what seemed hours and he hardened up to meet my wifes thrusts, and came out on his fourth pump and down my throat then in again. I started opening and closing my hand up inside her my wrist disappeared. The site of **** pouring out of her sweetlips and minemy wife smiled as I got my fist to speed as Bonnie started her very long wet ****** which I partially scooped in my mouth with the *** and French kissed Bonnie who swallowed half and shared the rest. In five minutes.i was <br />
Working on our ladyfriends who both came, with me in his mouth. A very exciting turn of events.we keep it kinds close to the chest, but you do feel good gettin head while our new friends to video which I've had at least 60 org. Enjoy

Very HOT!

sounds like a great time. wish my wife wou.ld do that for me.

Wow that sounded like you had the time of your life. i ve been there before. i know you keep that high a couple of days. Happy that you enjoyed yourself or better yet that somebody enjoyed you.