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My very first time that I was ever tied up

All my life I have had a bondage fetish. I enjoy seeing women tied up and I enjoyed tying myself up. For so long I dreamt of actually being tied up by a real woman and what it would feel like. I would get so excited watching people tied up on TV. One thing I didn't see alot of on TV was women tying up men. Just the thought of it gave me this real kinky type of excitement.

I also had a very strong fetish for women with super long beautiful hair.

I craved to be tied up by a female. I thought about it all the time. When I would see a woman with beautiful long hair I would visualize them tying me up. When I tied myself up I would look at photos of long haired women and then ********** to fantasies of them tying me up.

The combination of long hair and bondage was tremendous!

I had two sisters and I fantasized constantly about them tying me up. The thoughts would make me very aroused.

My sister had the most beautiful long silky hair I had ever seen. Over time I began to tie myself up and ********** to photos of her fantasizing that she was the one that tied me up. At first it bothered me that I was ************ to photos of my sister but then I rationalized by thinking, "it's not my fault that I love long hair and she's got the best I've seen yet.

One evening I decided I couldn't wait any longer. My sister was doing the dishes. I walked up to her and in a trembling voice I asked, "hey sis, would you tie me up?" It felt so great to finally say those words!

My sister was a very good looking girl and was much older than me. She had beautiful, soft, silky, very long blond hair that was tied back in a ponytail. She turned with a smile on her face and said, "Why?" I told her that I wanted to do an experiment to see how fast I could get free if I was ever tied up and she was the only one that could tie me up right now. I know she didn't beleive me. She said, "okay".

I went and got two jump ropes and handed them to her as I layed down on my bed. She took them and I put my wrists together in front of me. I was very nervous and excited at the thought of being tied up and my heart was pounding. I almost couldn't believe it was happening. I was also getting worried at the thought that I may not be able to hide my excitement. The sight of this beautiful woman with rope in her hands coming in the room to tie me up was overwhelming. I immediately began to get sexually aroused and was getting a hard on. 

 Without saying a word she very effectively tied my wrists and ankles together with the two ropes. I remember being surprised at how diligently she tied the ropes. She didn't just do a quick tie the ropes and leave type of thing but rather took her time to wrap the whole length of rope then even in between my wrists and ankles and knot it off and then cinch it down tight. She did a very proffessional job of tying me up as if she did not want me to get loose. When she was finished she stood up and admired her work and then stared at me for a while and then gave me a cute smile as if to say she enjoyed this and left the room.

I immediately started to regret not having her tie my hands behind my back instead of in front. I also wished that I had asked her to gag me with something like a scarf or tape.

I was not ready for how I was going to feel. It is a feeling that you can't describe. It is a feeling that only someone that has a fetish for bondage like I do can understand. I couldn't believe that I was finally being tied up and by a girl! As I was being tied, I began to get a ****-**. I found out that night that to me, being tied up by a woman even if it is my sister is a very intense sexual feeling. If she tried to have sex with me while I was tied up that night, it would have been the most amazing thing ever! I struggled for an hour that night to untie myself which even made the feelings more intense. The feeling of being truly restrained is so great! I ended up ************ and it was mind-blowing!

I had hoped that after that night there would be more nights that she would tie me up. I never looked at her the same after that because she was the first one to ever tie me up. I had even thought that maybe I could confide in her my secret bondage fetish and she would tie me up on a regular basis to satisfy my need in different ways and positions and with gags and blindfolds and so on. I also thought  that maybe I could get her to let me tie her up. I never got the nerve to ask her to let me tie her up. I found that I was really wanting to tie her up and gag her. It would have been my first time tying up a woman. But nothing ever happened again.

As time went on I began to wonder if she actually enjoyed tying me up. I mean enjoyed as in found it erotic too. I wonder if she did get some kinky erotic thrill out of tying me up. Some women like tying up men. I wondered if that's why she took so much time and effort to tie the ropes around my wrists and ankles. She was doing such a complete and proffessional job of it as opposed to just doing a quick job just to get it over with. Then when she stood up and stared at me as if the site of me all bound up was making her horny and she left before she did something that she would regret. Then there's the fact that she never offered to tie me up again. I wondered if it was because she new that tying me up would get her aroused and she didn't want that to happen. I would have loved to know that tying me up turned her on.

Either way, being my big sister who I love and respect very much, I'm glad it was her that gave me my first taste of being tied up. I know now that I could have confided in her that I craved to be tied up and I'm sure she would have gladly tied me up anyway I wanted on a regular basis.

 I still think about that night to this day and it still makes me horny.

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I wish when my sister had me tied up, she tied a gag in my mouth and mercilessly tickled me.

Any woman.

Bondage is the greatest, most erotic feeling in the world. I love being tied up by a woman!

I love being tied up and also tying up other people but for now i dont have anyone serious about wanting to play with me

I wonder if I could ever get her to tie me up again. Maybe I could invite her over the house someday and bring the conversation around to bondage. I could then ask her if she remembers the time she tied me up. I'm sure she would and I'm sure that she figured out that I had some sort of fetish for being tied up at least back then. We would probably laugh about it and then I could confess that I really enjoyed it but I was so nervous that I didn't want her to think I was strange but I wanted to be tied up more than I was and that to this day I regret not having her tie my hands behind my back and gag me. Maybe just maybe she would say, "well we could do it now for old time sake". She might even say it jokingly but I would say, "okay, that would be fun" or if she doesn't say anything I could mention it first. I could say, "well, if you tied me up now the way I wanted to be back then, I wouldn't have to regret it any more". Who knows maybe that would work!