Tied Up At The Babysitters Home

Hi iam very nervous about writing this, as my doctor said it would help me recover so here it goes,it all happened at my babysitters place when i was between the age of 5-12,i lived at with my babystter during the school summer holidays when it started,one day she ask me if i wanted to play a game so i said o.k, then she took me up to the spare bedroom where she blindfolded my eyes and tied my hands behind my back with ductape and told me to try to escape and if i screamed she would tape up my mouth, i didn't make a sound but she did it anyway she left me like that for 3 hours then she untied me and told me to get cleaned up,as the years went on she ended up making me special clothing made from spandax and lycra that look like a big bag that had the zipper on the back were i can't reach it to get out,she always had me gaged and hands were covered so i could not grab anything, i remember she gave me dipper pull-ups to wear as i would be in the bag all day. And in the winter holidays she made me a snowsuit that went over my hands and feet ,the zipper went across my shoulders on my back (you couldn't tell i was locked in it until you came up close) as the years went on she kept making more suits and sacks that got tighter and tighter untill i couldn't move.when i told my parents they didn't and still don't beleive me,to this day i can't go near this and other materials cause they bring back the painful memories. Thanks for letting me share my story.Fredricton .
P.S. please excuse the spelling,as i don't spell to good.
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Sorry for you. I would have taken your place anytime.

My two sisters use to dress me up in their underwear and skirts and tie me up and lock me in the pantry room. I think i use to like it. it never made me unhappy i use to look forward to them doing it to me.

im sorry it ruined your childhood .but it would have made mine

i just got to know how would it make your childhood,not to be mean or anything

I am sorry for your lost happiness at the hands of your babysitter! I believe that spandex and lycra are fun fabrics. No one should ever be hurt by someone else's so called fun.<br />
I have read a few of your stories. I really like the one about wearing spandex as a bug repellent at the cottage. I'll try that this summer down here, just outside the loyalist city!! Mind you, I won't be wearing shorts over mine!!