Tied Up At The Begining

kim(not her real name,don't know why i am protecting it) and her boyfreind had a fetish for tieing me up this is one of the many events that happened kim had ordered me a kid sized morphsuit for me to wear under my clothes but first my mouth was stuffed and tapped up so tight i couldn't scream,you couldn't tell i was wearing it  the sleeves were sewen closed so i couldn't grab anything.one day in winter time i had the suit on under my clothes then she put on my one piece skisuit that had the zipper hidden and locks on the pockets to lock my hands in,so there i am in my suits locked in and up so i can't pull my arms out and she would just leave me in the suit all day thrashing around tyring to get free.untill she put me in a child size body bag
fredricton fredricton
18-21, M
May 12, 2012