Babysitter Gets Tied

Villain and Damsel in distress
by *Shabazik
©2012 *Shabazik

"Are you sure is not a problem to take care of them?" asked Mrs Nováková, as she was supposed to attend a metting in her work, and neither her husband was home.

"Not a problem at all" answered Phillipe Tours, the elder daughter of the neighbors who lived across the street. "this way you sons can play with my sister, and I watch the three of them" she said.

It was not the first time they ask her to be the baby-sitter, and aside from winning some extra cash, she could do it from her own house or the house of the neighbors, without worrying much.

As Mrs. Nováková leaved in her car, Phillipe take her notes to study for the University admision exams...

...the little 'episode' with the rasgos luckily for her didn't ended in nothing too serious, as quickly the autorities reacted, her father, a medic, paid a small ransom, and quickly the military of Chechoslovakia punished these deserters... she never liked the idea of Felonia having living under them hundreds of thousands of goblins underground, but... somebody must do the heavy work in Chechoslovakia, anyway... The more lasting consecuence for that was her shock, and of course, needing to study even more now for her final exams for admission to the university.

To keep the Novákov childs entertained -and her sister Marie of they same age who was there as well to play- she gave them some cartulines and make them draw and make some hats and such.

When the childs where bored, they wanted to play something else.

"Let's play villains and heroes!" said the elder Novákov boy. "I'm the hero!"

"I'm the villain!" said the other. "Marie will be the damsel in distress!"

"that's sexist!" complained Phillipe sister "I want to be an heroine too!"

"But somebody must be the damsel in distress!"

"Why not a lad in distress?"

"That's boooring." said the 'villain', as he put in his head the cartuline hat, a towel as a cape and painted in his face a monocle and a moustache.

"Phillllllipe" asked Marie to her sister, who was still studying. "Could you play with us?"

"I'm busy" she answered.

"Pleeease!" the kids choired.

"Oh, well. But with the condition I stay there, sitting."

"But my secret lair!" protested the villain.

"Oh. I don't know. be inventive. Say the living room is your secret lair. And that I'm your hostage or something."


"oh! Oh! You can tie her, and say she is on a chair, hanging over a pool of lava!" said the 'heroe'

"All the floor is lava!" claimed Marie, jumping over the coach.

"Yeah. Tie me, whatever." Phillipe said, closing her books and putting on the TV. News from the last war in Bazikstan. Allways a war in Bazikstan. As she changed the channels, the kids, jumping to avoid the 'lava' look for something to tie the 'damsel in distress'.

"are you sure I can tie you?" said the villain, the boy with some ropes in his hands.

"whatever" answered Phillipe, looking distracted to the TV.

"I'm really good with knots" he warned.

She didn't cared, and leaved the boy play with the ropes... In the beginning, she didn't gave any attention to it... but then she realized these weren't the clumsy knots of some children!
And she knew these ropes!

"Hey!" she said, proving surprised that she was really bound now "How did you know this?" her mind raced, reminding all these images she secretly browsed in internet, and the bondage stories of babysitters being humilliated and all by some of her kinky-fiction writers and artists she browsed in internet.

"The other day when we were playing hide-and-seek in your house, Marie was in you closet and found a book and some ropes." said the 'villain', smiling. "It was very fun, because it had a lot of ilustrations, knots and how to tie people and all!"

"Awww, crap" Phillipe thought. They found her book introduction to the shibari and her bondage stuff. Hopefully not her **** as well!!

"gag on!"


"Stupid shirt is in the way" said the 'villain'...

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