Cops And Robbers-plus

It had happened when I was 8 or 9 and my friends were playing a simple game of cops and robbers and I was a robber. We were running around in my backyard then we went over to my friend Chris's house where we found a bunch of rope so we used it to the people playing as cops' advantage. We played another round I was one of the robbers. The cops had decided to get me first so they tackled me tied me up TIGHT gagged and blindfolded me and everything and I could seriously barely move. I hope it doesn't happen again in my later years for some weird reason.
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My cousin and my brother made me play games like that as children. I was eleven and they captured me. We were at our grandparents playing out in the pasture. They tied my wrists behind my back and walked me into the storage barn. Grandpa had a chain hoist hanging from the ceiling and they said I was going to be interrogated. My wrists were tied to each end of a shovel handle then attached to the hoist. As you can tell my arms were spread shoulder width when tied like this. They raised my arms above my head and stretched me until I was on tiptoes. I remember my cousin poking my bellybutton becouse my shirt and shorts had about a 3" seperation. Let's undress her, he said. Naw, my brother told him, I've seen her naked. They played awhile then my brother said he needed something from the house. My cousin came towards me and I gulped. He had that look. He smirked as he lifted my shirt above my bra. I gasp and rolled my eyes as he unfastened my jeans and tugged them down. Can I see you naked, he asked. I said, I can't stop you. He unsnapped my bra and grabbed my breasts in his hands. He smiled as he felt my nipples harden. Next he grabbed my panties and slid them to my knees. It was awesome when he placed my right nipple in his mouth then ran his finger along my vaginal slit. My legs parted allowing him to finger **** me as I hung there. When he finished, he untied me and we went to the house.