I Was Babysitting

It was Friday when i was 15 and i was babysitting for two ten year old boys, a 8 year old girl and a 7 year old boy for a whole weekend and I was wearing a tight t shirt, my new poke ball design bra(it was a gift joke so I wore it) some really loose pj's and spongebob panties. The kids started fighting so I made them go to there rooms. While I was watching tv I must have dozed off. When I woke up I couldn't move. The three boys where staring at me and told me that they where going to do whatever they wanted this weekend and I couldn't control them. They had tied my ankles, knees, wrists, elbows and my hands where behind my back. I yelled at them to untie me. They then grabbed some duct tape and duct tapped my mouth shut. I tried to scream but I couldn't and just kept rolling around trying to get free but I also couldn't. At one point my pj's came down about two inches slightly exposing my sponge bob panties and they laughed at me. Then they pulled my suitcase over and opened it and pulled out all my underwear. They took pictures of all my embarrassing underwear like my Winnie the pooh ones, my hello kitty ones, my fairly odd parents ones, my Muppet's ones, my other ones like thongs and booty shorts etc. I was getting so embarrassed because 10 year olds and a 7 year old where playing with my underwear but then the worst part came and they used a knife to cut off my pjs and top exposing my embarrassing bra as well as my sponge bob panties. They then took my clothes and took them outside and threw them all off the deck into the pool accept for my undies and bras. They took a ton of pictures of me. I was getting so embarrassed which i usually like but when it happens around young kids i get really embarrassed. I was wrong to think that the worst part was when they cut off my pj's and shirt because the actual worst part was when they unhooked my bra and cut off and cut off my panties. I screamed as loud as i could and that must have got the 8 year old girl Carries attention and she came down and chased the boys out and locked the doors. Then she untied me and i covered myself. She said come up to my moms room for some clothes. There mom wasn't fat but she was defiantly bigger than me. So the little girl got me some huge panties, and really big bra (i still have both and Ive been wedgied in the giant granny panties and they will never rip), a large pair of sweatpants i had to hold up along with the panties or they'd fall down, and a short sleeve shirt which was pretty big to. I was mad at the boys so i didn't let them in for a long time but i didn't tell there mom either. I have babysat them a ton more times it was every weekend mostly from 15-17 and i swear when i fall asleep they still look through my panties.
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Wow, those were some wild kids.

How educational for young boys.

Boys will be boys!

Dang that is just wrong of them, luckily the girl helped you out

ya me and her hung out every weekend for that two years and we still visit sometimes

That is pretty cool that she did that for you and it is good that you are still friends with her

ya shes a good kid

Are you a good kid too?

im not a kid

I know that, do you like to cause trouble?

a little i guess

I do all the time and everyone in the town I live in knows that too so they always ask me if I am staying out of trouble

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