From Female Babysitters As Damsels In Distress

This happened to Karen. At the time she was 16 with fairly small breasts but her cute butt made up for it.

One weekend she was to take care of these a boy and his sister while their parents were away on separate, you guessed it, business trips. She was getting paid good money, and even though final exams were approaching, she decided to take the job anyway. Friday nite went by with no hiccups, as did Saturday morning. But that afternoon while they were watching TV a commercial came on that featured some bound blonde. Karen laughed, and this apparently brought up a question by the boy who asked what was funny. Karen explained that the bonds were weak and that anyone could get out. Then the girl suggested that if she thought it was so easy, let's make a bet: if you get out in 30 minutes, we have to eat the veggies. If you don't, we get to go to McDonalds (lol). Karen, of course, having absolutely nothing better to do, agreed.

First both of them gathered up some supplies: plenty of tape, rope, scarves, and some juice (tying up can make one thirsty I guess). Karen was at that time wearing just short-shorts and a blouse with no bra. The girl in the commercial was tied to a bench, but these kids weren't messing around: they proceeded to tightly hogtie her (I think their dad is a sailor, so they knew their knots). The girl then took off both of her socks, balled them up, and promptly stuffed Karen's less-than-willing mouth (it took some pleading but eventually Karen gave in). Then she sealed it with several lengthy strips of grey duct-tape. Karen struggled and mmmmphed but to no avail, she could not get out.

Fast forward about 2 hours or so and I ring the doorbell (Karen was supposed to give me some answers to the chemistry homework). The kids opened and that's when I heard Karen mmmphing pretty much like a crazy person. I laughed, took the tape off her face, and she spit out the wadding.

"I never knew you liked getting tied up!"

"Can you just untie me? Now I have to drive these brats over to get some happy meals heyy---mmmmph!" I stuffed one of the socks back in her mouth and applied a few fresh strips of tape.

"It's alright - I'll take the kids over. You just enjoy yourself," I said after giving her a playful slap on her boobs. She gave me a mean look. "Wow - you really DO enjoy this, don't ya?" She just kept on mmmmphing.

Once we came back I untied her but as a consequence I didn't get my chem answers till later lol. Karen and I did play a few bondage games after that, which are sexual (nothing really hard-core) but I could post them here if anyone likes. Of course, any comments or emails would be appreciated. Hope y'all enjoyed the story!
rickie53 rickie53
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Jan 29, 2013