Cops and Robbers

Many years ago my cousin and i were playing cops and robbers. Well it was more robbers as we pretended that she was a thief who broke in and held me at gun point.

During the course of this, she decided to tie me up, make it more real she said. We were only playing, so didnt think anything of it. She pulled out two pairs of tights from the drawer and used one pair to tie my hands behind my back and the other pair to tie my legs. As she went of to 'look for valuables', i sat there and started to get aroused. I was only young but i knew i shouldn't be like this over a game.

When she came back in, i said, 'you have your stuff, so untie me and leave'. Im not finished yet, she said and with that took another pair of tights out of the drawer and gagged me with them. My protests were genuine because i didn't want to get excited because it was my cousin tying me up, another person, yeah, bit not my cousin. Thankfully she untied me about ten minutes later and i quickly suggested playing something else!

Years later when an ex asked could she tie me up, i was delighted, even more so when she said 'what will i use', of course i said tights. A while later she wasn't only tying me up with tights, but i was also wearing tights!. Sometimes i really miss that girl.

SaskiaIreland SaskiaIreland
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2 Responses Jun 9, 2009

That is such a sexy story i would have loved to be the one who came to untie you but not before i watched you squirmng and helpless in your shiney tights

Tights are so versatile aren´t they? It´s a wonderful feeling making out in tights, particularly when your partner is into it too!<br />
love Josie x