Every Once In a While

My husband used to tell me how beautiful I was all the time but now that I have gained weight he does not say it so much anymore.  To me my beauty is on the inside not the outside.  I have never thought my physical appearance was beautiful.  Usually when he tells me I am beautiful or even once in a while a stranger will tell me and I just say OK whatever, thank you. 

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3 Responses Jan 24, 2009

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I feel there is a lot of it in the mind and mind can do wonders , I believe weight gain is transitory and is not someting one could base ones opinion on besides the fact that being erotic is not aboutbeing a hourglass figure or six packs, and then people must look within themselves<br />
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also sexualy and other gratification doesnt need to be linked to ones size again mind is what over powers matter<br />
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separately i couldnt resist complimenting you on the pic , the long hair one would like to comb with the fingers and the look that could easily entice one to do your bidding<br />
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who knows .......

Yes it is my weight gain. He lets me know that it is and that it is very unattractive to him.

It may not be your weight gain. I think couples tend to take eachother for granted after a while...<br />
Beauty is on the inside :-)