I Think I Can't Have Children...

I was told, when I was 15, that I would never be able to have children because my womb is too small to carry a baby. It's sooo depressing, and it's making me feel like I'm not worth anything. Most women have that natural instinct to nurture, to be a mother. While I can adopt, or possibly have a baby through surrogacy, it makes it hard to be in a relationship. I know, "I'm only 18, I have alot of time before I start thinking about children", I just can't help but wonder how this will affect my future. Will I die alone? Will I get married and have a happy marriage? Or will this be an on-going issue? So many questions rack my brain, and I  wish that this could've happened to someone else, who doesn't want children. But, Irony: it's the story of my life.
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your doubts that you will not be able to have happiness ... unfounded. I am able to have children but I would not want to the contrary this .. I'm sorry that my country all the girls see the the meaning their lives is to have children, I am very depressed and lonely because of it : (

I had cysts on my ovaries the erupted when I was 9 years old and they had damaged my ovaries... At the age of 9 I was told that I would never be able to carry a child to full term. I'm now 18 and I think about it everyday and how I will probably never be able to have a baby with the same blonde hair and blue eyes as mine. I know what you are going through and its not easy. I just wanted to tell you that you are NOT alone.

I have endometriosis, very severly so that its almost impossible for me to ever conceive. I find it so difficult to understand right now how this will effect me later, as I am not ready to procreate yet. I want to feel stable in myself as a mother. But all I can think of now is what will I do if I never have a child? This is something you just expect to happen. I am only 21 myself and I don't want to worry about this but it plagues me. I feel like a failure as a women, and I shouldn't I know that but it just niggles at me day in day out. Knowing this pain myself, I am really sorry that anyone else has gone through/is going through this. Its torture. I can't talk to my friends about it as they can't truly understand how it feels, and I don't believe they want to try and understand, as its a scary thing for a woman.<br />
I truly hope things work out for you, and I truly wish you all the best for the future. x

I too am in the same boat as you. I was told that I only have 10% chance of getting pregnant and if by some miracle I do get pregnant I might not be able to carry the child to term. This is the worst news of my life. I have always wanted children, It is the only thing in my life I really ever wanted. I was born miserable and I guess I will die miserable. I am told by friends that everything happens for a reason, DO YOU KNOW HOW SICK I AM OF HEARING THAT?! What the f--k did I do that this is my punishment? I was never a ***** or anything close to it, I have only had one partner and fell in love with him later in life and can't understand how some people can pop out children like bunnies and a lot of them either never wanted them or just can't take care of them. My godchildren live next door to me and are my life, but they are not mine, even though I couldn't love them more if they were, it is just not the same. And to boot, I have to put on this front so I won't have to hear there mother say I have to get over it. How am I supposed to get over something that is so devastating? People with children do not even comprehend how women who can't have children fell and them saying things like "There is a reason for everything" or "God has our live planned out for us" need to walk a day ( NO, an hour) in our shoes and experience the emotions and grief we do every second of the day! And for those that are in the same situation as us and have managed to get over it, I say to you, you are a lot stronger than me 'cause I will never get over this as long as I live.

i try to have a baby at 17 cause i felt that no love me and i thought if i have a child it will love me no matter what he or she wouldve been there for me i just kept tring to have a baby to i turn 22 and find out that i will never have a child it hurt so bad cause when its my time to go it wont be apart of me left behind but i realize that everything happen for a reason and i do want to get marry and have that happy family but it will never be now i walk with my head high like the queen i'm

You will not be alone due to this issue. Any man in love with you is in love with you and not if you can give birth. It is a very strong issue for some men to be able to leave what they feel is a part of themself. But most guys will understand and be willing to work it out. PLEASE don't worry over it. Also don't make it an issue first thing in every relationship. As soon as a relationship looks like it may get very serious then bring it up. You will be ok I promise as far as tis issue goes.

The bright side of finding out so young is that at least you know. Though I think I would get another opinion before completely believing what I have heard, because 15 is still in the midst of puberty. Hopefully you will still be able to have whatever you want from life.