Told I Couldn't Lose Weight

I was always called a fatty when i was kid. they excluded me, they picked on me, and they bullied me. They raped me and told me i couldn't be their friend was i was 8 ;D No one would be my friend. My parents never cared when i came home from school crying, my mom told me to ignore them, 'their just jealous' she'd always say. Well **** her. she knew i was ugly, she knew i didn't give myself those bruises. then when i was 12 and i had cuts all over my legs and arms she didn't pay any notice. I stopped getting bullied about a year ago but my self esteem was still as low as ever. then back in september i desided that food wasn't going to be my savior anymore. food isn't my friend. foods the enemy ;D now i've dropped so much weight they say it's scary. but who gives a ****? everyone said i was going to be a 'fatty' and ugly forever well **** them. i'm 15, blonde and thin. their all Ugly, Bullies, Rapists and Gingers! i'd love to see what they could say to me now. i know i'm alot prettier now. and stronger. but **** whenever i see a kid getting bullied now, i swear the things i say to the bully would make them run home crying. i'm going into youth work when i'm 18, i'm going to try make a difference in kids lives so they don;t have to be treated the way i was.
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not really sure if it all made sense i was rushing it