When I announced to my family that I wanted to go back to school to get my BA, my father flipped out.
I believe his words were something like "you already had your chance and you blew it"

I was determined. Working 2 part time jobs, being sick of not going anywhere in life, I still applied for school.

He even went as far as kicking me out of the house so I could learn what 'real responsibility is like'.
So I moved in my with my boyfriend & his family. 
I ended up going to school and taking out a student loan to help pay bills. 
I did get a better job, but other things had gotten in the way to mess me up. 

I resent my dad for kicking me out, especially since he lived in his parents basement until I was 16 years old. He did everything he could so I wouldn't have the opportunity to go to university. But I did it anyways. 
And the kicker is, he took credit for me graduating.....

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I agree with Gypsy....he is miserable therefore has to make sure you are too. <br />
Good for you for pursuing your dreams spite his negative attitude. He amounted to nothing and is a dead beat therefore cannot stand to see you succeed keep pushing your way babe you got in you!!!!! <br />
<br />

what a sad horrible man he is. he wants you to be miserable right along with him....... please don't buy into it.. <br />
<br />
I don't understand parents who do that, my parents are like that too, they say they love their children, but its all a lie! we all pretend to love each other.<br />
<br />
if i was you, i would not let him know what is going on in ur life, good or bad... and act like everything is calm cool and collected.

i would go and tell the truth to those he has braged to .. burst his bubble..

little did he know that there are ways around to get an education with out him hu... glad u were able to follow through on ur education...

i bet he thought he was going to ruin or life and opportunity for an education by kicking you out.. i have parents that think like that..

yup! that was pretty much his plan. He blames me for ruining his life, so I'm not allowed any happiness.

yes, be happy that you have been able to get a educaion dispite him, i bet he is spitting into the wind every day cause u have done what he thought was impossble,and what he thought he had put a stop too ... i hate parents like him !! all i have to say is, be the better one, make ur life happy and live well ..a good life is the best revenge !!! (((hugs)))

thank you for your kind &amp; inspiring words &lt;3

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