What Do You Mean I Can't?

I started life as a runt.  I was so small I was held back a year from starting school because of being so tiny.  My first "can't" was when I was around 6 or 7.  I was told I "can't" be in the school talent contest because I was so small noone could see me onstage.  I found a chair I could sit on and again asked if I could sing in the show.  Reluctantly I was given the chance to audition.  On stage I sat on my chair behind this big microphone and sang "Cry" by Johnny Ray.  An although the microphone hid my entire head from the audience, there was no way they could miss the singing coming from little old me.  From that point on I never let "can't" keep me from doing what I wanted to do.  I was told I was small for football/hockey, so I lifted weights to add some size, didn't have the ability to learn a language, so I learned spanish, too short for basktball, learned to make long distance jump shots and the list goes on.  If I had let people control my life by telling me I "can't" do something, I would have missed out on so many great experiences,  meeting some wonderful people and making some of the friends who've been my friends for years.  So, anyone want to tell me I can't?  

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Thank you, truely inspirational.

Very nice spirits :) keep it up

Yes we are!!!

Appreciate that VK01. I guess I hated to be told I "can't". Maybe that chip I carried around because I was so small helped me want to prove people wrong. Still do that today.

Fantastic DM. You know first hand that "can't" feeling. As parents we want to make sure no one holds our kids back by telling them they "can't". Did the same for our kids an now they do it for theirs. That is something cool to pass along to your kids.

I appreciate your comments Arsineh. I believe the words like "can't" and "stupid" should be banned from the language. Those 2words have ruined the lives of so many people. Parents, teachers and others in positions of authority can inhibit and destroy wonderful talents by using them. Those words are poision to impressionable minds.

Thanks for this wonderful story! Cheers to you for not limiting your potential with the word "can't."

Thanks for this wonderful story! Cheers to you for not limiting your potential with the word "can't."

She deserves a lot of credit. Still struggles a bit with self-esteem issues, but she knows in her heart she has no restrictions except what she places on herself. And if she can get past the "can't" thing, I beleive everyone can.

Bravo to your good wife!

Hey Koiponder and Bean2p, thanks for the nice comments. I work with a lot of people who got more "can'ts" than "give it a try" when they were growing up. Shame we do that to those we love, limit their possibilities. My wife was told she could never join school clubs or events and told she was to shy to participate. She grew up with those restrictions. She loved to draw and paint but never did because she knew she was no good because her parents told her so. Any, At about 35 while I was in Saudia Arabia, she decided to take an art class. One week into the class the instructor asked her why she was in the class because she was obviously very talented. That single piece of positive stroking fueled her desire to paint. Since that time she has worked with interior designers from around the creating artwork to their specifications. In March of this year she had her first solo art show that lasted an entire month. So for 25 years she did nothing because of wht people told her she ("can't) So bean2p, what is your passion? LOL And Koi, thank you for the kind words.

I like that...taking I cant and making it a positive . I think we tell our children "you cant" and "no" way to much. with my son ..i was 19 so there was alot of no's and you cant. but with my daughter i was 34...i am alot more positive with her. I was told I cant alot in my 20's by alot of do gooders....but i let them hold me back. I shouldnt of but i am older now...and I KNOW better =)

Well done Rhett! The true measure of a man is his nature. While you may have been born the runt, you have developed a winning, learge hearted spirit.

Take that negative "can't" and use it as your challenge/motivation Juna. It gets you out of neutral and you start moving forward. I'm sure you will enjoy your new focus.

Wow, that's so good! I want to learn from this. I never reached that point of 'but I can!' and then doing it. I just stayed stuck in the believe 'I cannot do that'. <br />
:) time to change.

Thank you both for the comments. Being a runt can be inspiring all on it's own.!! I was told I would never be tall, ok, so that was an "I can't" I couldn't change. So instead I lifted weights and got bigger. Guess I just like challenges!.

You show them, Rhett!