Proving Him Wrong!

All of my life, I was told I couldn't do something. But in the end, I proved them all wrong. But a few months ago, a certain person told me that I CAN'T get over my anxiety disorder.... to quit trying, give up, and learn to live with it. I refuse now, like I did then, to believe that! I will keep trying and already I've many MANY strides forward than he has ever done. :-/

Though people who tell others that they can't do something, they are very weak individuals themselves. And to keep their weakness from infecting us, we must always move forward and don't let the nay-sayers stop us in reaching our goals! :-D

I'm not there yet, in defeating my disorder. But I'm not going to give up, EVER, and I am determine to beat this! So that certain person can just stick his negativity right up his bum! =p

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7 Responses Aug 7, 2009

Whilst I agree negative feedback can be helpful, it can also hinder. Whereas if you use constructive feedback,(positive) then the person should also learn, and continue with a positive outlook. It's however you perceive or choose to function I think.

Hahaha I like it!! Too right. The mind is an amazing thing, and it can make us achieve and overcome many great things when positive. I've personally achieved loads more with this attitude than with the other.

Punch that anxiety in the face and show it who's the boss of you! I hold it and you punch!<br />
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sooner than you think, you'll see!

I hope he has a big huge negativity. so he'll hurt bad<br />
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thank you fo rsharing, and don;'t let anyone put you down!

You are so right, you have to keep moving forward and ignore some people who refuse to even try. I am proud of you, and keep moving and the goal will be reached. {{hug}}

Yay!! Go Shadow! Giving up is not an option!!! If we give up, that means we have lost hope and if we lose hope, what do we have left??<br />
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I don't believe in giving up either. Keep proving him wrong!! You will beat it!! Yay Shadow!!! :D