The Time That Still Stings...

is when I was applying to law school in college.  I asked my advisor, an elderly priest (yes, I went to Catholic college lol) for a letter of recommendation for law school and he refused, saying he thought I was too quiet and would never make it through the Socratic method of law school.  

Here I was, on the dean's list and trying to better myself and my own advisor who I worked with for four years was rejecting me! God, did that sting.  Plus, I was paying all this money for tuition and couldn't even get a recommendation!


However, I am happy to report that I did graduate from college, got into law school (was accepted to all the ones I applied to) and am now an attorney.


lesson learned: don't listen to those who say you can't!!

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Thanks, daniel13. I think he was just biding his time till I just wish he would have supported me.

i hope you will let him know about your success, not as an I told you so - but so he is aware of his own inability to assess such matters properly. a letter of recommendation is only an aide to get you into the door - it's up to you to manage after that - his unwillingness to assist is incredibly asinine. i think his opinion of himself and his own reputation is far greater in his own mind then the reality of it.

I couldn't agree more Claypalace. Good luck with your education!

Congrats....I can relate. Much of my life I was told I can not do things. I spent alot of my life thinking I had to prove to the world I was everything they said I wasn't. In highschool I graduated at the top of my class though I have a brain injury. This fall I am graduating college with my BA and going for my Masters in Social Work and Consoling. But I found even when I proved everyone wrong, the one I was really trying to prove it to was myself.<br />
Today I have nothing to I just set a goal and passionately pursue it. I have come to learn that life is what we make it.")

best way to get me to do somthing is to tell me I cant do it. although people who know me have used this to their advantage grrrrrrrrrrrr. Another good way to motivate me is to double dare me into action, this once cost me a broken arm but I was only 10