I Have Been Told On Numerous Occassions!

Truly only the other day! People thought i was the mother of my granddaughter! My hubby! (Mr Gobby) had to tell them, we "are the grandparents"!. And there was me getting away with, them, thinking of me! being the mum! LOL
Monday, just gone, my grandson and i were taking the dog for a walk,. Well the dog, happened to do his "duties"! my grandson was at this time running around the field, while i stooped to pick this offending article up,. In the corner of this playing field were a group of youths, who all rushed over, thinking "they said i had collapsed"! until they reached to where i was bending and one said! "it's ok boys, she's young"! LMBAO! LOL I was so thrilled i could have cried! Love them all,.
I told them how old my son is! and they, "bless their little, hearts"!  couldn't get over how young i looked to have a son this age! LOL
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My age is where I am now in the voyage through life, so I'm learning to love it - it's the only way!

Isn't that a good thing? ;-)

I don't like my age either...

Ha!!ha!!ha!! toimjoflma, :D "good en it"?? LMAO! LOL Of course i believe you my darling girl! Yes!!! My niece was 28 on the 31st of May and when the family my nieces and nephews went out to celebrate, she and another niece who is three years older were refused entry! So, in answer to your plea!, grovelling, etc! i believe you! my baby girl! :D <br />
Thank you so much my "young" friendly friend for your feedback and comment! :D :D

LOL thank you! :D I was told that today funny thing, by my aunts! "neice on my aunts side of the family"! LOL <br />
Ohhhhh! yes! the parents are certainly on their toes! LOL,. Awwwwww! isn't it wonderful to have children! :D I am so thrilled i had mine,. It is a scary challenge of course it is! :D A "life long commitment"! all round"! :D :D

Awwwww! :D thank you so much my darling Lena! :D Yes i bet you do to! i have seen pics of you, my gorgeous! :D May i say i have to agree! You are so young looking and beautiful! :D <br />
<br />
May i thank you so much for commenting and especially your feedback! :D :D

My parernts looked young to! Some used to say my father looked like Gary Cooper and my mother Marilyn Monroe! LOL